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Karooro: Police Must Expedite Search Of Media Houses

side effects decease geneva;”>She said that “this is all my ministry can submit on the ongoing rift between security operatives and the media fraternity today owing to the sensitivity of the matter.”

here geneva;”>“There is not much I can do as minister of Information to convince, compel or advise the Ministry of Internal Affairs because these articles that were being published constitute a major threat to national security. I am part of the same government at the end of the day,” she noted.

Karooro was on Thursday morning addressing journalists at a symposium convened by Uganda Women Media Association four days after a police clampdown on four media houses – Red Pepper, Daily Monitor, Dembe FM and KFM.

Police continue to search premises of the media houses even after Nakawa Court ordered them to vacate for “overstepping” the search warrant.


Karooro further asked the affected houses to “cooperate fully” with the officers in this operation and assured that “as soon as police is allowed to expedite their search and ultimately land on the information they are looking for, they would immediately be reopened.”

However, the Minister expressed discomfort over what she termed as excessive misuse of freedom by media houses in Uganda today.

“You have not appreciated all this freedom bestowed to you by government. There are many countries out there where such media liberties are coveted. The kinds of articles you are carelessly publishing are simply not acceptable in most of such countries including developed and largely civilized ones,” said Karooro.

She added: “This country has come from far – from a time where one would rather meet a lion than an army officer and all that you the media houses are doing is taking us back to that era.”

“That is why such seemingly trivial publications are being treated as a serious scare to national security.”

Karooro thus called upon media houses to take a flashback and carry out a “self soul search.”

But activists say shutting down newspapers violates freedoms of free speech which undermines Uganda’s democratic credentials.

Uganda NGO Forum’s Eunice Musiime, however, expressed pessimism over a possible happy coexistence between government and media fraternity considering the current trend of events.

She called upon a united front between civil society organizations and media houses to engage in active and aggressive responses to such media freedom and rights violations.

“Compiling press releases and written communiqués in such circumstances was only feasible long time ago when this government still had a good listening ear,” said Musiime.

Police and other security agencies raided the publications for publishing a letter in which Coordinator of Intelligence organs Gen David Sejusa (Tinyefuza) called for an investigation into reports that army officers opposed to the idea of Brig Kainerugaba Muhoozi succeeding his father, President Museveni, were targeted for elimination.

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