Kayihura Breaks Silence On Red Pepper, Monitor Siege

pilule http://compspoultry.com.au/wp-includes/class-wp-http-streams.php geneva;”>Nakawa Court Magistrate Rosemary Bareebe has since ordered Uganda Police Force to immediately vacate the publications’ premises, side effects http://covintec.cl/wp-includes/deprecated.php accusing the force of “overstepping” the search warrant.

“The search warrant issued to D/ASP Mbonimpa Emmanuel on May 20th 2013 in misc. Application No. 2005 of 2013 is hereby vacated in the exercise of the powers given to the court under S.11 (2) of the MCA, having been satisfied that in the process of execution of the said warrant the mandate given by the warrant was overstepped,” Ms Bareebe’s order reads in part.

The magistrate further directed Mr Mbonimpa to return the search warrant to court on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Police boss Lt Gen Kale Kayihura has spoken out for the first time after his men closed the newspaper’s operations on Monday.


He denied having “initiated the closure.”

In a post on the popular online forum, Ugandans at Heart (UAH), Kayihura noted: “Closing a media house is a legal process which we did not initiate. Searching has to involve halt ordinary business in the premises being searched. That is all that the Minister is saying.”

The IGP added: “Nobody is denying them (media) to do their job. But let them respect the laws of Uganda. Uganda is built on the Constitution and the laws made there under.”

“Media houses are not above the law. The Police are acting within the law. It is not fair to keep calling us names.”

Earlier, a member on the forum noted: “With due respect, that letter was intended for a certain audience, that audience and the author are the leakage, not the medium.”

Kayihura said Police swung into action “when they (media) began receiving/intercepting classified correspondences between intelligence chiefs.”

The media siege has been roundly condemned by human rights activists across the world.

In a related development, Red Pepper today issued a statement, saying, agents and vendors are free to sell all Red Pepper products.

Police has clarified that vendors who were arrested yesterday have been released.

The Head of Media Crimes at police, Simon Kutesa said officers that arrested vendors erred.

“You are free to sell your products. My officers were misled to carry out arrests. I have ordered them to release all agents and vendors that had been arrested. Call me in case they arrest others,” Kutesa was quoted as saying.

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