Media Siege: Let Us Improve Things And Move Forward

tadalafil geneva;”>It has been almost 3 days, dosage each passing day i want to comment or post “what’s on my mind” with some bellicosity (Blame John Nagenda, in case you don’t understand that word) however something, tells me wait. by now you must have noticed that i post and delete certain comments. But why ? May be i should hold on the counsel of this famous quote

“Many people in this world are in front of peace, why do you hide yourself from it” By: FRANCIS TAWIAH –>D

Its now a public secret that all is not well . Lots of events are unfolding at unprecedented speed that you wonder which story to follow and which one to ignore. True some stories are not worthy our precious time.

Today i write this note boldly in solidarity of my close friends and their trade. Mr Arinaitwe Rugyendo(Director ,Head of Marketing & Digital Media at the Red pepper) ,Is my mentor in many respects and a few inches away from my generation ,so is my Mbarara High School Old Boy Risdel Kasasira (Monitor), and a sea of other collegues who are feeling indescribable pain of Media Siege.

I know most of you dear friends have tonnes of opinions on whether the government is right or wrong to close these media houses. Personally i don’t work for any media house neither do i work for government. My only concern is that i am a huge consumer of media products and at the same time,i pay considerable amount of tax to the government to run legitimate business on my behalf.


When the raid started on Monday, i quickly took to social media tweeter under the hash-tag #SiegeAtMonitor as below.

“Any details on #SiegeAtMonitor? @MauriceMugisha @BrendaBanura @Natabaalo @Opiaiya @echwalu”

I was simply asking the above respected journalists, on whether this could be true in this day and age or it was a mere figment of imagination by some rouge element. To my utter shock,just in a brink of an eye fire had also been set with #SiegeAtRedpepper. Today Monitor,KFM,Dembe FM and the Mighty paper of Mr Hyena RP are in day 3 of closure.

In the course of writing this note,my good friend @NA has just told me NTV fourth Estate panelists have been summoned ( My prayer is that this should remain just a rumor)

I could hear my heart bleeding and holding back tears. The problem is that each time our country hits a pothole i tend to feel so much pain as if i am the driver. Questions linger in my mind,why we should always choose to use force instead of dialogue, why we should use intimidation instead of persuasion.

We are all not perfect at the end of the day.Some journalists could have over stepped boundaries,yes,but two wrongs don’t make a right. Dear friends if you have cared enough to read the story of the Red Pepper.If you have cared to imagine the difficult tasks these guys endured. If you have ever cared to visit the news room of these closed media houses and see for yourself the number of young hardworking and brilliant people trying to make ends meet. then you may not understand my stand point.

I have no powers to judge neither do i have all the necessary information about this story. My input is purely derived from the aspiration of living in a country where a government and its people co-exist in harmony. I know rights of free speech are enshrined in our constitution. We may not change what has so far happened,but my faith in Christ tells me we can stop further degeneration.

Children, as young as 3 years are feeling the pinch of these developments,they missed their favorite pullout of Tuesday Monitor as Brenda Bananura features editor at Monitor tweeted.

“Tell the children that we are sorry they couldn’t get their copies of Today’s Rainbow Magazine. Signed (Auntie) Brenda, Daily Monitor”

Business owners at the Red Pepper seem determined from what they post

Rugyendo of RP

Arinaitwe Rugyendo @RugyendoQuotes 21 May

“I hear that one call to someone will stop the evil siege of Red Pepper office. I Rugyendo, I will not and never make that call”

The police on the other hand seems stubborn either going by the below post.

#RedPepperSiege day3 police officers have arrested vendors in Kampala found with today’s edition of Red Pepper ‘Freedom Issue’

Call me a coward or names but i dread the sight of a gun. my fear for a gun is shared by most of us who have been called the M7 Generation. we have been told horrifying stories about damage this weapon accosted to the citizens.

I firmly believe when businesses fail,a country fails. We can still talk to one another.

This week i read Late Patrice Lumumba’s last letter before his murder courtesy of Giles Muhame chimpreports.

“…For without dignity there is no liberty, without justice there is no dignity, and without independence there are no free men.”

Because of guns and young generation involved, i took considerable time to read the parliamentary Hansard when they were mourning the late Brig.Noble Mayombo. among many speakers Hon Crispus Kiyongacaught my attention with the submission below.

…Iwill give a quotation of a speech he made at an internal workshop that we heldas the Ministry of Defence and UPDF. He was making an analysis and he said: “We came to build a new Uganda. …We are here not for lack of what else to do, but because we are answering apatriotic call.” That says volumes about his work method and about hisdrive, so that we improve things and move forward…”

Today I repeat, let us improve things and move forward..


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