Otunnu To Appear Before Court

viagra 60mg http://ciencialili.org/components/com_users/models/reset.php geneva;”>Otunnu made these controversial remarks during a press conference in Kampala on January 16, physician 2013.

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However, Otunnu has on Wednesday told journalists in Kampala: “I am happy to appear before court whenever they sermon me and my position remains the same that Museveni must explain his role in all the episodes that have befallen the country.”

He added: “I am law-abiding and ready for open court charges and not ‘Kiri Kiri’ arrangement at Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Department (CIID).”

He noted that an official from the courts of law was seen that the party headquarters carrying the summons but at that time, he was out of the country.


On his first press conference since he came into the country, Otunu has said he is now ready to receive and sign the court summons and ready to testify against Museveni.

“Ugandans should know that am not apologizing for what I said about the president and I stand to affirm my words,” he said.

Otunu further demanded Museveni to come out and explain to Ugandans his role in the atrocities that have befallen the country.

“He should explain his role concerning the genocide in Luwero triangle, the masque in Kampala during the 2009 demonstration and the mysterious, unexplained disappearance of FRONASA leaders,” demanded Otunnu.

Otunu further added: “I stand upon thorough truth telling concerning these and other episodes which will lead to accountability and upon these we shall embark on genuine National truth telling.”

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