EAC’s Sezibera Urges Students To Tap EAC Opportunities

adiposity geneva;”>“You will have to take charge. The opportunities are available [but] you can live in a knowledge society and be very ignorant because you have not put in place mechanisms to capture the opportunities,” the Secretary General stated when addressing students meeting at the EAC headquarters for the East African Community Students Union Conference on Tuesday.

The three-day youth conference, in its second day today (May 21), brought together 170 students from the Partner States to discuss, among others, the role of the youth in the growth and sustainability of the Community.

Amb. Sezibera, however, cautioned the students that while they possessed enormous potential to achieve, they would have to develop the right mindset if they were to succeed in transforming their region.

“What turns potential into wealth is the right mindset,” the Secretary General counseled, challenging the youth to become a “donor generation”.


“Why should you as a young person want to depend on other people,” the EAC chief wondered. “I want you to become a donor generation and for you to become a donor generation you must have a mindset which builds”.

The Secretary General apprised the students of the progress realized in achieving the different stages of the integration, including the Customs Union, the Common Market, Monetary Union and Political Federation which he particularly urged them to support.

The East African Community Students Union Conference closes tomorrow.

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