KCCA To Reduce Monthly Charges For Traders

order geneva;”>The market traders, side effects who have been complaining over the charges being too high for them, have finally been granted their wish.

Usafi market was opened up last year in October and given to the former street vendors. This market has over 10,000 traders with stalls already active.

Traders have been complaining to the Executive Director of KCCA about high monthly charges of Shs 120,000, low customer volumes, small stalls among other things.

Last week, these traders were seen sleeping under their stalls, others playing games like ‘scrabble’, ‘mweso’, and playing cards to pass time because of few customers yet at the end of the month are expected to pay the monthly fees to KCCA.


Several traders even threatened to go back to Kampala streets since KCCA had failed to evict all vendors from the streets.

However, Peter Kaujju, KCCA’s Public Relations Officer, on Monday told traders at USAFI that the authority has had several meetings on this issue and finally decided to reduce on the monthly charges to Shs 80,000 after receiving a lot of complaints from the traders.

He added that, the authority is making sure that no vendor remains on the streets.

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