Rwanda Police: We Will Not Allow Burundians To Enter Our Country, To Kill Our People

approved geneva;”>According to Celestin Habyarimana, visit this site robbers from Burundi attacked his house, more about and ordered him to give them money or else they would kill him.

Habyarimana told Chimpreports: “They came calling my name and started knocking hard on my door. When I opened, they ordered me to give them money and promised to do nothing to me if I obeyed.”

“I tried to escape through the window, but I met a man with a torch outside, who ordered me to return into the house. When I gave them all the money I had, they tied me inside the house and went away. After about five minutes I heard a gunshot,” narrated Habyarimana.

The Southern Province division commander, Maj. Gen. Alex Kagame said after these robbers left Habyarimana’s house they met Muhawenimana and then shot him dead.


Maj. Gen. Alex Kagame has requested the residents in Mukindo and those around Akanyaru border dividing Rwanda and Burundi, to reinforce night patrols to stop criminals from Burundi from stealing and killing people in Rwanda.

“We will not allow Burundians to enter our country, to kill our people and steal their property,” he said.

Maj. Gen. Kagame further urged people to always report such incidence to the police through their phones, and to work together to fight robbers from Burundi.

Mukindo sector in Gisagara District is bordered with Ngozi Province in Burundi by River Akanyaru.

The officials and residents said it’s not the first time for robbers from Burundi to cross River Akanyaru to come stealing in Rwanda.

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