Kagame Blasts Protesters At 'Rwanda Day' In London

malady geneva; font-size: small;”>“They should be going to resolve their problems at home, more about not here, ask ” said Kagame as he addressed hundreds of Rwandans and friends of his country at the Rwanda Day 2013 celebrations on Saturday.

He added: “It is a chain of ideological bankruptcy.”

“With correct attitude and understanding, there is no way we can fail at solving our problems. Africa will never resolve their problems with this kind of behavior and mentality.”

Kagame noted that “while some people choose to fail, Rwandans should not choose to fail.”


“Africa can’t continue to allow others to benefit from our resources and remain dependent on aid generated from those resources,” said Kagame, adding, “There has to come a time when we rely on ourselves…Rwanda and Africa cannot continue to live like this.”

The President said he is always surprised bythose who “oppose our ambition to achieve self reliance and cease being a burden to others.”

“No one owes us anything. You must work for it. Why should citizens of other nations be responsible for you?” he wondered.

“Rwandans cannot wait for the government or God or external support to solve all their problems,” he noted.

Rwanda Day brings together Rwandans and friends of Rwanda living around the world to reaffirm their core national value of Agaciro to celebrate the country’s progress and discuss ways of being part of Rwanda’s social-economic transformation.

Officials say it is an opportunity for Rwandans to meet, interact and exchange views on their country and how they can contribute to the vision of a modern, unified and prosperous nation.

Past events held in Boston, Chicago, Paris and Brussels attracted thousands of Rwandans committed to their country’s development.

Rwanda Day in London drew Rwandans and friends of Rwanda from the UK, Europe as well as African communities in Europe.

It also came weeks after Rwanda’s successful issuance of the Eurobond which officials say is an aspect of a national development strategy grounded in the understanding that business and investment is key to sustaining the economic progress needed for Rwandans to reach prosperity and fully realise their Agaciro (dignity).


Flanked by his wife Jeanette Kagame and Foreign Affairs Minister Louise Mushikiwabo, Kagame said Rwandans’ decision to donate to Agaciro Fund is a testament of the trust and faith Rwandans have in their nation.

“Respect yourself and you will be treated with respect…dignity cannot be donated, we must give it to ourselves. We have learned that when you are determined to solve your challenges, you succeed,” affirmed Kagame.

Regarding allegations that Rwanda supports the M23 rebel group, Kagame said: “We will not be made to carry the burden of other nations or allow others to decide our future for us. We may be a small country but we are not a small people.”

Earlier, several Rwandans living in Diaspora were given a chance to make comments on the leadership in their country.

Grace DeNiro told Kagame: “You are not just a leader, you are a visionary and Rwanda is so fortunate to have you. GDP does not move you, you move GDP. You lead the world in women empowerment.”

At least 2,000 Rwandans from all over Europe including UK, Belgium, France, Netherlands gathered for the Rwanda Day celebrations.

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