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EXCLUSIVE: Kazinda Threatens To Spill “Bribery Secrets”

store geneva; font-size: small;”>Sources at Luzira have told Chimpreports that Kazinda said he would leave no stone unturned in exposing the beneficiaries of his “generosity” should he feel betrayed by those who promised to block his conviction.

It is feared Kazinda’s threats have touched off desperate actions by CIID officials to “show Kazinda that they are working.”

Kazinda is staring down on possible conviction on 29 counts of forgery and causing financial loss to government in the plunder of over Shs50bn from OPM at the Anti Corruption Court.

The suspect reportedly forged signatures of OPM Permanent Secretary Pius Bigirimana and connived with officials in Bank of Uganda and Finance Ministry to facilitate the fraudulent transfer of donor-support funds earmarked for recovery programmes in the war-torn Northern Uganda for personal benefit.


“Kazinda is becoming a problem here. He feels frustrated and cheated by some officials who pledged to support him in evading the long arm of the law. He warned that if Bigirimana and Undersecretary Flavia Waduwa are not penalized for exposing him, he will reveal the identities of those who took his bribes,” said a source.

Kazinda claims to have spent Shs4.5bn on “buying his way out of jail but there is no sign that he will get away scot-free.”


Sources further say after disappearing from office last year, Kazinda had arranged to escape from Uganda.

He had connived with some officials at Entebbe Airport to facilitate his escape to Europe.

“After the meeting held at a hotel along the shores of Lake Victoria, Kazinda was accompanied by four Land Cruiser brand cars back to his home in Bukoto where he would pack a few belongings and then fly out at night,” a source noted.

However, Bigirimana had earlier reported to IGP Lt Gen Kale Kayihura about billions of shillings which had gone missing under Kazinda’s nose.

Bigirimana further told Kayihura that Kazinda had “gone missing.”

Kayihura quickly deployed intelligence personnel who trailed Kazinda right from the Hotel in Entebbe up to Bukoto.

At one time, a source said, Kazinda’s men suspected a car of intelligence personnel trailing them thus diverting off Entebbe road at Katwe with the view of using the Mengo route.

Kayihura’s men disembarked the car before jumping onto boda bodas to avoid suspicion. The mission continued.

As soon as Kazinda’s convoy approached the gate of his main residence in Bukoto, the security agents rang Kayihura who later directed CIID boss Grace Akullo to swing into action.

However, Kazinda later learnt that he had been cornered. He used an exit gate of his residence and rushed to Kadic Clinic in the neighborhood where he feigned sickness.

Kazinda’s arrest marked the beginning of bitter clashes between CIID boss Grace Akullo on one hand and Bigirimana on the other.

Bigirimana wanted CIID to consider him as a whistleblower in the OMP scam, considering that previous Auditor General’s reports had fallen short of discovering the graft.

However, things turned out differently, with CIID planning to present Bigirimana as a suspect in the matter.

Bigirimana appeared at CIID where he gave all information he thought would facilitate police investigations. CIID officials also made regular visits to Bigirimana’s office where they interrogated him.

Museveni intervenes

At the time, word went around that Kazinda had bribed CIID officials to “penalize” Bigirimana – the whistleblower. About shs3bn was reportedly spent on “killing evidence at the Police level.”

It is said this allegation was even brought to the attention of President Yoweri Museveni.

Museveni has on several occasions met the two officials separately with the view of listening to their concerns.

Museveni’s position is that Akullo must cooperate with Bigirimana “and endeavor to listen to his side of the story because he is the whistleblower.”

“Bigirimana blew the whistle. Why not first squeeze all the information you want from him first because that’s the most important step in getting at the heart of this graft. No one else knew money had been stolen. He saw the rot and exposed it first,” the President is quoted as saying in one of the meetings with Akullo.

“Even if it’s Janet in the wrong, I have no problem with the law taking its course. Go do your work professionally. I will reinforce your security,” said Museveni during the meeting.

It is said Akullo said she was feeling insecure and had considering resigning due to pressure from the media.

But Museveni responded to Akullo, “You have to act like a patriot, go and do your work without fear.”

Chimpreports could independently verify this report as Akullo could not be reached for comment. She was reported out of the country.

Bigirimana takes Akullo to IGG

Meanwhile, latest information shows that Bigirimana has taken Akullo to the Inspector General of Government, accusing her of harassment and creating an “atmosphere of terror” at OPM.

Bigirimana also wants Akullo investigated for abuse of office.

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