DP: New Buganda Katikkiro Should Fight High Unemployment Levels Among Youth

malady geneva;”>Namaganda said most people in Buganda Kingdom especially the youth are unemployed and always seen idle in city centers.

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“The new Katikkiro is a vibrant youth who has come at the right time when the Kingdom really needs him to raise issues that greatly affect the Kingdom,” she said. This was during a press conference in Kampala on Wednesday.

DP has also condemned the President’s Press Secretary, Tamale Mirundi who allegedly referred to the newly appointed Katikkiro as being incompetent while on a local FM Station.

DP has warned Mirundi to stop this act or else they will mobilize several Baganda people to demonstrate against him.


Meanwhile, several people from Buganda have welcomed Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s decision of appointing a young Katikkiro and have hope that he will revive the traditions and culture of the Baganda.

DP further urged the Katikkiro to begin on the project of constructing and finalizing the Royal Tombs (Amasiro) which were recently burnt down.

“Royal tombs are an income generating tourist attraction that fetches a lot of revenue for the kingdom and this will help to boost the incomes of the kingdom,” said Namagada.

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