KCCA To Sue Traders Over Displaying Goods Outside Shops

decease geneva;”>KCCA ordered the traders at the beginning of this month to remove all goods displayed outside their shops, on pavements and on foot paths and gave a deadline of May 12, however, some traders have refused to follow the order.

According to Peter Kaujju, KCCA spokesperson, the Authority has already put up a re- enforcement team to look for these traders who do not follow KCCA rules and regulations to be taken in the Court.

As he addressed journalists in Kampala on Tuesday, Kaujju said these traders have been given several notices from the authority since this month begun warning them about this but some has failed to obey and now are to face the consequences.

Meanwhile, traders in Nabukeera Plaza have requested the Executive Director of KCCA to first work upon the poor conditions of the buildings such as the toilets among other things than concentrating at removing the displays.


Hamim Saku, a shoe dealer on Ssekaziga Plaza in Kampala said KCCA is just making life hard for traders by denying them to display their goods yet it helps them to attract customers passing by.

Some of the customers interviewed by our chimp corp said removing displays will make it hard for them to find out places where to buy items and will also increase on the chances of thieves to trick them when directing them where the best shops are located.

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