Clan Leaders Attack Government

viagra buy geneva;”>Through Cross Cultural Foundation- Uganda, clinic the clan leaders from Busoga, Alur, Tooro, Pokot and Lango have on Tuesday admitted that land conflicts and wrangles can best be solved through clans.

Chief Charles Ombidi, a clan leader from Panyimur Kwonga of the Alur blamed government for not being transparent in the extraction of the recently discovered oil in the area thus leading to continued conflict between the people of Alur and the government.

“Government needs to be transparent with us in managing the oil resource since we are the right path of information to the community. We don’t need power but information to update our community so that they do not become chaotic, thinking that strangers are stealing from their backyard,” said Ombidi.

Ombidi added that as clan leaders, they recently petitioned the National Resource Committee of Parliament to give people from each locality of Alur between 6 percent and 12 percent of oil revenues.


Clan leaders further expressed that clans play great roles in promoting unity and dealing with conflicts in their areas, collaborating with government to benefit societies, working so tirelessly to fight female genital mutilation and looking after the most vulnerable in their areas.

This was during the assessment of the work done by clan leaders by Cross Culture Foundation-Uganda on Tuesday following the launch of Clan leaders’ charters in 2012 in which over 355 clan leaders from five regions were involved.

Today, clan leaders from Alur, Lango, Pokot and Toro presented their achievements since the formation of the Clan leaders’ charters last year.

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