FDC: Turmoil In UPDF Could Spark Off War

drug http://ciencialili.org/libraries/joomla/github/github.php geneva;”>The opposition party said Muhoozi should rather adopt a “democratic path” if he wants the presidency of this country.

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sildenafil geneva;”>Addressing Journalists at a weekly press conference on Monday at the party headquarters in Kampala, the Shadow Defence Minister in the Opposition, Hon. Hassan Kaps Fungaro asked Muhoozi to resign his military positions, join any political party and allow Ugandans have a choice of voting for him in rightful democratic channels.

“Using the army to prepare Brig. Muhoozi to replace President Museveni as the president of Uganda is a threat to democracy, national cohesion, and solidarity in the Army, peace and security in Uganda,” said Fungaroo.

He therefore called upon the NRM government to drop the ‘Muhoozi project’ and instead of persecuting Gen. David Sejusa, address the issues that are raised in his letter.


“Instead of focusing on the complaints raised in the letter, the government is focusing on the complaints and the persecution of Gen. Sejusa and covering up the serious issues he raised.”

Sejusa’s widely publicized remarks that army officers opposed to Muhoozi’s rise to presidency were targeted for assassination have since touched off a storm in UPDF.

“We should have an independent and neutral body to investigate the issues that were raised to find out whether what was raised is correct or not, we can’t have the special force led by Muhoozi to again investigate him,” said Fungaroo.

Muhoozi is yet to speak out on the saga. Neither has he confirmed having intentions of standing for President.

But Defence Minister Crispus Kiyonga denied the existence of the “Muhoozi Project.”

Fungaroo further recommended that the Inspector General of Police, Lt Gen kale Kayihura and the Chief of Defence Forces Aronda Nyakairima to first step down from their offices to enable independent investigations into claims that they are involved in the Muhoozi project.

He said the army was increasingly becoming “very chaotic than ever before” due to discontentment.

“As seen in the case of Gen. Sejusa’s letter, the massive dissertation of the army, any expression of discontent and dissent by senior and junior officers against the malpractices in the army may lead to disciplinary action taken against them through the Army court martial; and again, any unfair trial at the court martial may be viewed as persecution which may lead to exile.

This may lead of formation of armed rebel groups to counter force with force, hence a return to war in Uganda,” explained Fungaro.

He added that this negatively affects democracy in Uganda.

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