10 Referral Hospitals Receive Equipment for Digital Health Management System Installation

The Ministry of Health has embarked on installing the Integrated Health Facilities Management System for digitalized and paperless information management in various public health facilities across the country.

Ten Regional Referral Hospitals have received computers and laptops to implement the integrated Health facilities management information to enable paperless medical services, Emmanuel Ainebyoona, the spokesperson Ministry of Health disclosed.

“The equipment procurement was done by the government of Uganda with funding from the Global Fund. The digital health management system was developed under the Integrated Intelligence Computer System (IICS), one of the Government’s innovation hubs ” Emmanuel said.

According to Dr. Diana Atwine, the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, this will make the work of medical supplies monitoring easier for the responsible parties.

“This will ease monitoring for medicines, accountability, attendance to duty and quality of clinical care,” she said.

“Once installation is completed, all the 16 Regional Referral Hospitals will be effectively monitored from the Ministry of Health for overall performance. This will also enable the managers to swiftly monitor all the information from all corners of their facilities,” she added.

Other benefits of such a digitalized system among others include; easy storage and guaranteed security of patient records and easy access to hospital documents.


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