Workers Union Warns Ssali on ‘Playing Around with NSSF Money’

The National Organisation of the Trade Unions (NOTU) has expressed alarm over the hefty court award to embattled Deputy NSSF Managing Director Geraldine Ssali, adiposity vowing to fight back.

NOTU Chairperson Usher Wilson Owere described court’s decision to hand Ssali Shs 250m as damages to be paid by NSSF for blocking her from accessing her office as “the worst ruling the High court has ever made.”

The money was a form of punishment for contempt of court by the Fund’s senior management over a refusal to reinstate Ms Ssali, visit who was sent on forced leave.

Owere cautioned that “our hard earned money must be protected, ” adding NSSF’s decision to appeal was a welcome gesture.

“The red line is now clearly drawn; we are going to crush anybody who allows our hard earned money to be taken by lawyers. For Ssali this is suicidal,” he charged.

Owere further urged “all workers who contribute money to NSSF to be on standby and take action.”

The Fund has in recent months struggled with internal squabbles that saw management suspend Ssali for misconduct.

She fought back through courts which reinstated her.

It was agreed in meetings with the line Minister Matia Kasaija that Ssali withdraws the case against the Fund and its board.

Ssali chose to lodge another case in court seeking damages of Shs 1bn. Insiders say the move has divided opinion with many calling for her sacking.

“You can’t work for the Fund while at the same time fighting it and destroying its reputation,” a board official told ChimpReports on Thursday.

In newspaper articles, Ssali has vowed to fight to last man to protect her job. She claims some individuals are harassing her.


In a recent statement, NOTU said it was “disappointed with the conduct” of Ssali who has since returned to her office.

Whereas we recognize Mrs. Geraldine Ssali Busuulwa’s contribution to the Fund since her appointment as Deputy Managing Director, we would like to condemn her actions over the last few days, including opting to drag the Fund and the Board Chairman to court, when there is an internal grievance settlement mechanism in place,” the statement read in part.

The Daily Monitor has Thursday published an editorial criticizing the court award to Ssali.

“When Ms Ssali is awarded Shs200 million, these every day folk deserve to know why such a huge sum is being handed to an individual who is already paid a rather huge salary. Many were already scandalised and left wondering about her sense of morality and responsibility when she demanded a staggering Shs1 billion in damages when she filed her suit,” it read in part.

“Private sector workers have endured enough at the hands of predatory management in NSSF. Billions of shillings have been spirited out of their savings. We must call time on this wasteful hemorrhage.”

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