Victoria University in another Public Dialogue

Victoria University Kampala is set to engage the Ugandan community in yet another public dialogue on Good governance and Youth unemployment.

The dialogue which is slated to take place on Friday June 17th will be the third this year following the previous two which were a great success.

This time, more about the dialogue will be running under the theme “Overcoming Youth Unemployment Crisis in Uganda” and will be attended by students, find youths, treat women groups, civil society organizations, government ministries, departments and agencies, academicians, political leaders, local governments, developmental practitioners among others.

According to university officials, youth employment crisis is one of the greatest perils facing the global economy today. Young people around the world in industrialized, emerging and developing economies alike face acutely high levels of unemployment, low wages, poor working conditions, and obstructed pathways to economic mobility.

The dialogue will provide a platform for sharing experience on the ways individuals and institutions, public and private, plan and manage youth employment creation in cities as well as to promote an exchange of experiences and best practices of good urban governance in job creation.

Participants will discuss youth entrepreneurship development, strategy on enhancing the engagement of youth, and the national experience of Uganda in creating youth employment.

Promotion of engagement among citizens, universities, research institutes, NGOs, and community based organizations for research and action learning on the experimental ICT-based good practices is also among the topical discussions for the day.

The dialogue will take place at Victoria University premises in Kampala, Victoria Towers along Jinja road starting from 9am in the morning.

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