HOW IT HAPPENED:Uganda Celebrates 52nd Independence Day Anniversary

Togo national football team is expected in the country on Friday (at noon), information pills more about http://cornerstone-edge.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/sync/class.jetpack-sync-module-callables.php FUFA has confirmed.

Dr Patrick Egwel, adiposity pharm http://chasingjamesbeard.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-list-comments-endpoint.php Chairman of the FUFA International Match Organization Committee confirms the development.

“Togo players will come with a special private jet, physician http://consolibyte.com/scripts/build/build_20130416/dev/dev_xml_performance.php KPI 2050 and will touch down at Entebbe International Airport by half past mid-day. They have been booked at Grand Imperial Hotel” Egwel adds.

They will be expected to train at Namboole Stadium on Friday evening before the match on Saturday and will leave shortly after the game.

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Meanwhile, the match day officials from Kenya [Davies Ogenche Omweno (center referee),Marwa Range, Peter Sabatia and  Anthony Ogwayo) and the match commissioner, Alfred Rwiza Kishongole from Tanzania, are expected to arrive today and have been all booked at Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala.

Uganda hosts Togo in a group E AFCON qualifier at Namboole Stadium this Saturday.

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This was our live coverage of the 52nd independence anniversary celebrations at Kololo Airstrip on twitter.


Live: Museveni’s speech comes to an end. Singing of National Anthem underway

Live: Museveni concludes speech, sick http://davepallone.com/wp-includes/default-filters.php saying he wishes success to Uganda against their upcomong match with Togo

Live: praises doctors for thier heroic acts in combating Ebola in Uganda and West Africa

Live: warns against subsistence farming, http://dakarlives.com/wp-includes/l10n.php says UPDF is taking key roles to promote commercial agric

Live: says & virus has always been existent but brought to humans by those who encroach on forests

Live: warns residents of Nakawa against sharing malwa (local beer) and straws to stop spread of Ebola and Marburg

Live: says he is yet to shake hands with visiting Presidents, saying “mbawa ka jambo (just wave)”

Live: says carelessness among health officials worsening spread of Marburg and Ebola

African countries need to withdraw from the ICC treaty immediately because the process takes 2 years

Live: warns against eating monkeys to stop spread of Marburg and Ebola

ure of shaking hands until the disease is contained

Live: vows to suggest to to review the continent’s membership to

Live: blasts for disrupting the Northern Corridor Integration Summit by summoning on eve of event

Live: says the causes of the Kenyan political turmoil were ideological which ICC doesn’t understand

Live: blasts foreign groups including for disrespecting Africa and its leaders

Live: says was supposed to be in Uganda but was summoned to

Live: praises UPDF and Somalia army for liberation of key towns from Al Shabaab including the recent one – Baraawe

Live: says due to UPDF involvement in agriculture, maize production had rose from 1.1 million tonnes to to 4.1m

Live: says Ugandans must stop playing games and engage in commercial activities for economic prosperity

Mbabazi Denies Buying Cranes, Togo Clash Tickets

Live: warns against subsistence farming, saying UPDF is taking key roles to promote commercial agriculture

Live: says Uganda is rich in natural resources which will boost economic growth

Live: says 6.5bn barrels of oil plus gas will boost manufacturing sector to reduce imports esp steel

Live: maintains only God can destabilise Uganda, urges calm among citizens

President Kenyatta, “I wonder why they demanded our presence”

Live: expresses hope that economy will grow stronger due to political stability and infrastructural investments

Live: says the disarming of cattle wrestlers in Karamoja who had 80,000 rifles has led to stability in the country

Live: says ‘s security forces have played key roles to bring stability in Rwanda, S. Sudan and Somalia

Live: Museveni says ‘s security forces’ capacity was built by 28 people sent to Mozambique between 1976 and 1978

Live: concludes his brief remarks, saying Tanzania will remain great friends with Uganda & maintain strong cooperation

Live: says now enjoying socio-economic prosperity pursued by President and NRM

Live: says Uganda is enjoying peace and stability which was a scarce commodity before NRA took power

LIVE: addresses Uganda, saying the Independence day celebration is also an important day for Tanzania

Live: Museveni says capacity of ‘s security forces and NRM was built by “ourselves” and the late Julius Nyerere

Live: welcomes and describes as “Uganda’s brother”

Live: President Museveni takes to the podium to give his speech

LIVE: Tumwebaze says Uganda’s economy remains strong in the wake of domestic and external shocks

Live: Tumwebaze welcomes heads of state, special dignitaries and public to Uganda’s 52nd Independence celebrations

Live: Presidency Minister Frank Tumwebaze takes over as the MC of the Independence Celebrations at Kololo

Live: Gen Elly Tumwiine handing heroes’ medals to people who have served the nation with diligence

: Live: Youth groups at Kololo urgePresident to stand for re-election in2016,saying “mzee Tulinawe”

Live: President praised for ushering in era of unity, peace & security after post-independence political turmoil

LIVE: Theme of event is “Unity, Peace, Security and Regional Integration: Key Pillars for True and Sustainable Independence

Live: Youth groups at Kololo urge President to stand for re-election in 2016, saying “mzee Tulinawe”

Live: Presidents Salva Kiir, Paul and attending Uganda’s 52nd Independence celebrations

officers marching
officers marching
Statehouse staff marching
Uganda is celebrating its 52nd Independence Day on Thursday
Uganda is celebrating its 52nd Independence Day on Thursday

Several heads of state are in Uganda to celebrate the country’s 52 years of independence from colonialists.

Presidents Paul Kagame, Salva Kiir and Jakaya Kikwete joined their host President Museveni at the occasion held at Kololo ceremonial grounds in Kampala on Thursday.

The function is being held under the theme “Unity, Peace, Security and Regional Integration: Key Pillars for True and Sustainable Independence.”

A nation’s independence is built on pillars, key among which are Unity, Peace, Security and now more than ever before Regional Integration.

Any nation that ignores these key pillars is bound to fail in her efforts of attaining true and sustainable Independence. The early history of our post Independence Uganda is a living example.

Exactly fifty two years (of age) today, Uganda attained political Independence from Britain. There were exuberance and rejoicing everywhere. Ugandans were filled with enthusiasm, pride and hope for a happy prosperous Independent Uganda.

And, of course, they had every reason for such optimism; Uganda was richly endowed with both human and natural resources.

It had the highest seat of learning, Makerere University, in the whole region, the economy was strong; the struggle for Independence, although hard fought, had not been bloody like in some other African Countries such as Kenya. There seemed to be peace and security.

However, in less than ten years of our Independence journey, all this changed. Optimism turned into pessimism, hope into despair, pride into shame, laughter and smiles into cries and woes. What had gone wrong? One may ask.

Several analysts of political history have given different possible reasons, varying from inept and un-experienced leadership to the fragile and the superficial multiparty politics of the day bequeathed to this young nation.

Yes, all these are correct and legitimate reasons. But many of them stemmed from the absence of the four key pillars of a true and sustainable Independence – Unity, Peace and Security; and as time went on Regional Integration. All the pillars used in building a lasting Independent nation stem from these four pillars.

Presidency Minister Frank Tumwebaze said celebrating the 52nd Anniversary of our national Independence is a befitting moment to reflect on the past consequences of our failure to nurture these key pillars during our Independence journey and the positive impact they are having on our country now that they were restored.

Disunity among Ugandans like in many other ex-colonial countries, was one of the strongest factors which enabled the imperialists to easily colonize us. In his book ‘50 years of Turmoil’ Mucunguzi Vincent Rwapakani, rightly laments over this factor when he states.

“Uganda’s passage to Independence was hampered by lack of national unity, provincialism, threats of separatism and the absence of a nationalist movement”.

Lack of unity did not only hamper fast achievement of Independence but it has been a major contributing factor to Uganda’s political and security woes especially in the early infancy of our Independence.

Even now, in spite of the many efforts by Ugandans (the leaders and the led), through formal sensitization programmes, liberalized school system and through non formal programmes like sports, games, music dance and drama etc, Unity among Ugandans is still rather illusive.

Officials say as the country celebrates each anniversary of Uganda’s Independence, we must remember the eloquent words of wisdom by one of the African Celebrated Leaders, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

“…… to draw the most from our existing and political means for this achievement of abundance and fine social order, we need to unite and unify our efforts, our resources, our skills and our intentions”.

Yes, Nkrumah was talking of African Unity but what is good for the goose is good for the gander. After all, Unity begins at the lowest level of human existence and development. Ugandans are encouraged to unite nationally first, regionally and continentally if we want our Independence to last and remain useful and effective.


Security encompasses the protection of the lives of Ugandans and their property and the defence of our country’s borders against any aggression, external or internal. Peace and Security guarantee each citizen of a country full enjoyment and fulfillment of his or her life without any fear or anxiety.

Absence of peace and security negates development, jeopardizes progress and deters good governance. Absence of peace and security undermines a nation’s attainment of true and sustainable Independence.

The history of Uganda’s Independence in its early years is a glaring example. Between 1962 and 1986 Uganda changed presidents eight times – all by the barrel of the gun. Hence the untold instability and retrogressive steps Uganda experienced!

The first generation of our past Independence Leaders confirmed the need for Regional Integration and made efforts to bring the three countries of Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika (Now the United Republic of Tanzania) together.  It is a pity these initial efforts were brought to an end in 1977. Regional Integration is essential for sustenance of our Independence. This is because we need a larger market for our products and besides the World has become a global village; no single country can survive on her own. Regional Integration makes an Independent country internationally stronger, her economy more viable and her voice incomparably louder.


Uganda’s Independence was badly crippled in its infancy by the absence of these pillars, among other things. However, learning from our nasty past, Uganda made a fresh start by instituting the Ten (now turned fifteen) Point Programme consisting of pillars for the proper building of a strong Independent Uganda with Unity, Peace, Security and Regional Integration being in the fore.

Ugandans are now enjoying the fruits of togetherness, unprecedented peace and security. As a result of this peace and security, Democracy and Good Governance has flourished; huge physical developments are taking place like the booming construction industry; and there are great improvements in the provision of social services in a number of sectors such as Education, Communication, improvement of Health facilities, Transport etc.

Regional integration is a necessity, not a choice for creating a large, more viable and stable market opportunities for nations. A large block of close to 150 million people provides a much stronger and more viable market and power to negotiate with the rest of the world than a small nation of say 20 – 30 million people. It also helps in better management of trans-national resources including Lake Victoria, Mt. Elgon, and Mt. Kilimanjaro.  According to the former President of the Republic of Tanzania, H.E. B William Mkapa:

“We have everything to gain in the East African Federation in terms of political stability, greater feeling in safety, in numbers and as an economic entity better able to fight poverty”.


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