Trouble as NRM Leaders Reject Own Flag Bearer in Rukiga MP Race

Juma Adam Sheesha, the Kabale NRM returning officer after nominating Victoria Atukunda for the Primaries. After losing the race, she is now running on the independent ticket

The bickering between National Resistance Movement (NRM) members has escalated in the newly created Rukiga district ahead of elections for the District Woman MP and LC5 Chairman.

The ruling party in the new district is divided on their flag bearer for the district woman MP.

The seat for the district Woman MP is set for a show down between NRM’s Caroline Kamusiime Muhwezi and Independent candidate Victoria Abigail Atukunda.

Atukunda lost to Kamusiime in the NRM primaries recently.

It has emerged however, that NRM leaders in Rukiga have abandoned the party flag bearer and are now rooting for the independent candidate Atukunda.

Kamusiime Muhwezi won the ruling party flag with 12,390 votes (39.4%), while Abigail Atukunda came second in the race of six, with 10, 868 votes (34.5%).

Eddie Mugisha, the Rukiga District NRM Vice chairman publicly announced his support for independent candidate Atukunda, who she called the right candidate.

The other candidates in the primaries, Moreen Kyarisima, Alice Basobokwe and Pamela Kyomugisha Kihumuro have also lined up behind Atukunda and have been moving around the district, meeting their supporters and asking them to support the independent.

These claim that Atukunda lost in the primaries because the exercise was marred by irregularities, such as the arrest of her agents.

 “It’s the cry of my supporters that forced me to come back as an independent. The so-called NRM candidate is so unpopular that if it wasn’t for ballot stuffing and intimidation she wouldn’t have won,” Said Atukunda.

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