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Ruyonga to Thrill Revellers at Blankets and Wine

President Museveni has promised to beef up security for the newly installed Kyabazinga, ampoule http://dayacounselling.on.ca/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/pipe.php William Wilberforce Nadiope Gabula IV following threats from rivals, site http://cfbtoman.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/sync/class.jetpack-sync-actions.php Chimp Corps report.

“I was informed that the Kyabazinga is well equipped with a vehicle for his use, http://cippico.com/wp/wp-includes/simplepie/registry.php ” said Museveni.

“He needs escorts. I have, therefore, instructed my people to organise two vehicles, front and back,” added Museveni.

The President made the remarks on Saturday during Kyabazinga’s installation at Bugembe Royal Grounds.

The long and troublesome search for the Kyabazinga of Busoga ended with Prince Nadiope being elected by his peers on August 23.

Nadiope was endorsed as required under the cultural norms of the Basoga by the Busoga Lukiiko on August 25 at Bugembe.

President Museveni urged the Kyabazinga to unite all Basoga including those who were opposed to his crowning.

He also commended the unity among chiefs while electing the Kyabazinga.

Museveni noticed that some chiefs had decided not to attend the function but added that unity was all Busoga needed to foster development.

“I ignored the first elections because there was no quorum. I am here now because the basics have been handled,” said Museveni, adding, “This new Kyabazinga is bringing some new ideas. I was very pleased to learn that he invited the King of Bunyoro Omukama Solomon Iguru Gafabusa to bring out the linkages of Ugandans.”

Gafabusa also urged unity among the people of Busoga for stability and prosperity.

Museveni said some of the cultural institutions have not been emphasizing unity but rather disunity, emphasizing how NRA guerrillas were able to seize power due to internal cohesion.

“The Banyankole call Lango Bukiri. All these kingdoms were linked; therefore, cultural leaders should unite… These kingdoms had their mistakes but they were closely linked. It is, therefore, not good to bring division.”

Museveni also promised to refurbish Bugembe palace but called for strategy meetings ahead of the renovation exercise.

President Museveni has described the late Gaspero Oda, information pills http://culinaryhealthfund.org/wp-content/plugins/broken-link-checker/includes/admin/table-printer.php as a principled person who stood for the truth and for what he knew was correct.

“The late Oda was a man of principle who stuck to what he knew was correct. That is why I had to come and stand by you people on this day of his remembrance”, prescription http://couragelion.org/wp-admin/includes/widgets.php he told the congregation.

The President was Saturday at the memorial Mass of the late Hon. Gaspero Oda at his ancestral home in Komite village, information pills Pokea Parish of Pajulu Sub-County, Ayivu County in Arua district. The Mass was led by the Bishop of Arua Diocese, the Rt. Reverend Sabino Ocan Odoki.

Gaspero Oda was killed by unknown assailants in his home at Komite village on 15th September 1979.

He died at the age of 63 years old. During his political career spanning from the 1950s, he became the first Member of the Legislative Assembly Council (LEGICO) for West Nile and was also the first MP for West Nile and the first Parliamentary Secretary in 1962.

President Museveni briefed the congregation about the political history of Uganda saying he did not know the late Oda personally but got to know him in his early school days when he started being politically active through following keenly what Members of Parliament, including Oda, were doing in the August House.

The President said that during the confusion of the political parties then, most opposition members crossed and joined UPC but Oda, who was a staunch DP supporter along with 7 others, did not.
He, therefore, described the late Oda as a man of principle.

President Museveni, however, cautioned the congregation and the people of Uganda that politics was not a game because if not properly handled it can cause great suffering including loss of life citing the Ombaci mass killings.

Mr. Museveni introduced to the congregation Mrs. Opu Oda Anne Marie, the daughter of the late Oda. He said that at one time, she welcomed him at her home while he and the family of her late husband Mr. Opu were in exile in Tanzania.

The memorial mass was attended by, among others, the former President General of DP, Dr. Paul Kawanga Semwogerere, Cabinet Ministers, MPs, Arua district officials as well as cultural and religious leaders.
Violence has broken out in the capital of Democratic Republic of Congo with opposition activists putting up stiff resistance against President Joseph Kabila’s plans of amending the Constitution to serve a third term in government.

The developments come just a few months after United States Secretary of State, click http://ceris.ca/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-ms-users-list-table.php John Kerry warned Kabila on the dangers of sticking onto presidency and the urgent need to “respect the constitutional process.”

Carrying banners denouncing what they described as Kabila’s ‘authoritarian regime’, http://contemporarydancevideos.com/wp-content/plugins/nrelate-related-content/admin/nrelate-main-menu.php anti-government protesters held a march in Kinshasa which saw security forces use teargas and bullets to disperse the crowd.

The protests were held in several towns including Butembo in North Kivu where three people were reportedly injured in street battles with police.

But the President of the opposition Union for the Congolese Nation (UNC), Vital Kamerhe, promised to mount more pressure on Kabila to quit at the end of his term of office.

“Kabila must avoid the ‘Congo Spring’ by leaving the Presidency in 2016,” said Kamerhe in reference to a wave of revolutions that toppled dictatorial regimes in North Africa in recent years.

He said several protesters had been detained by security agencies and demanded for their “unconditional release.”

The UNC this week called for protests following the sentencing of their General Secretary Jean-Bertrand Ewanga to one year in prison on Thursday for insulting President Kabila at a rally in August.

Ewanga was accused of referring to Kabila as Rwandese.

The political violence in DRC signals an unstable political future for a country already grappling with high levels of poverty, disease and also rebellions in the eastern region.

U.S. warns

This year, Kerry held a meeting with President Kabila and his foreign Minister Tshibanda, on the upcoming elections.

Kerry said he believed “the president’s legacy is a legacy that is very important for the country, and that he has an opportunity, which he understands, to be able to put the country on a continued path of democracy.”

The top U.S. official further stated: “And I believe it is clear to him that the United States of America feels very strongly, as do other people, that the constitutional process needs to be respected and adhered to. That’s how you strengthen a country.”

Kabila’s allies have been mulling plans to amend the Constitution to allow him contest for Presidency in 2016 after the expiry of the mandatory two terms.

A similar scenario is building up in Burundi where President Pierre Nkurunziza is working hard to entrench his presidency after the expiry of his two terms.

The last Presidential election in DRC was marred by allegations of malpractices such as intimidation of voters, ballot stuffing and bribery.


Kerry expressed optimism that “President Kabila’s legacy will be defined by the progress he has made in the – particularly the last year in addressing the security issues of the east, the economic issues of the country. And he’s a young man with an enormous amount of time to be able to continue to contribute to his country. And I’m quite confident that he will weigh all of those issues as he makes a decision about the future.”

By openly calling upon Kabila to step down after serving his two terms in office, the US set the tone for a huge debate on the country’s political transition after decades of war that have left a trail of destruction and bloodshed especially in the eastern region.

Kerry disclosed that United States of America believes that a country is “strengthened, that people have respect for their nation and their government, when a constitutional process is properly implemented and upheld by that government. And we obviously believe – we’re a country with term limits. We live by them. We had several hundred years of transformation under that process, and we encourage other countries to adhere to their constitution.”

He further demanded that Kabila’s government must come out clean on putting in place ample infrastructure to cause a transparent electoral process sin 2016.

“And that means free, fair, timely, and transparent elections. I encouraged President Kabila to work with his government and the parliament in order to complete the election calendar and the budget. And they need to do so in accordance with the constitution,” said Kerry.

“The United States is committed to supporting the Congolese people, the government, and other donors as they work towards decisions that are credible, timely, and consistent with the current constitution. And obviously, it is very clear that the dates and the process need to be set and fully defined, and the sooner, the better.”

Kerry said as a sign of the US commitment, he was pleased to announce that $30 million will be immediately made available from the United States in additional funding in order to support “transparent and credible” elections as well as recovery and reconstruction programs in the eastern D.R.C.
The seventh edition of Blankets and Wine Kampala kicks off Sunday with mix of jazz, cost http://crcpallc.com/templates/uneedo_j25/warp/systems/joomla/layouts/com_weblinks/category/default_items.php hip hop, http://contenthog.com/pr/wp-includes/author-template.php afro-pop, disco and electronica music with the headlining acts being Kenya’s best house, funk, and disco band called “Just a Band” and Congo’s “Charmat”.

ChimpLyf understands “Just a Band” will provide a good mix for Uganda’s predominantly afro-fusion lovers that have attended previous events at the Uganda Museum.

They will perform alongside Uganda’s latest jazz sensation, Brian Mugenyi who has continued to impress many music lovers with his mastery of the saxophone and the always tantalizing hip hoper Ruyonga of the ‘Tutuuse’ fame.

This time round, event organisers say they will to raise the bar by delivering a unique, and unforgettable experience.

“Just a Band’s music has continued to dominate the Kenyan and international airwaves since 2003, when the band was formed and having them at Blankets and Wine is a great platform for Tusker Malt Lager to show appreciation to our consumers by giving them the best,” says Tusker Malt Lager Brand Manager, Phoebe Nakabazzi.

Just a Band are renowned for their second single ‘Ha-He’ released in March 2010, accompanied by a music video featuring a character known as Makmende which was subsequently described as Kenya’s first viral internet meme by the Wall Street Journal, CNN and Fast Company.

The event kicks off at 1:00pm.

Blankets and Wine is a quarterly, picnic style music festival that started two years ago and has grown steadily to one of the most eagerly awaited for music events in Kampala.

It is an opportunity to come discover a rare but yet very unique intriguing music environment.

“Afro-fusion music lovers in Uganda are always encouraged to pack their picnic baskets, carry a blanket or kikyoy, Maasai shuka or picnic chair and some wine and drive down to the venue with their friends and family and come share this music and lifestyle experience,” added Phoebe

In line with its support for responsible drinking, Tusker Malt Lager will be maintaining a strict ‘over 18 only’ policy for sale of alcohol.


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