Rugunda Roots for Deeper Cultural Ties with Europe

Ugandans have blasted businessman Desh Kananura for speaking out on the torture of a baby in Kampala, ambulance saying he lacks the moral authority to condemn torture when himself is on trial at Nakawa High Court on charges of brutally murdering a bar attendant at his nightspot.

On September 31, remedy 2012, rx Badru Kateregga’s life was taken in cold blood by injuries inflicted on him by Kananura, according to prosecution.

The city car dealer denies the charge, saying he did not participate in Kateregga’s killing.

It is alleged the deceased was clobbered with a huge club on his head by Kananura and four others including his brother Raymond Kananura before bleeding to death.

Kateregga, a worker at Panamera Bar and Restaurant, was accused of keeping shs30, 000 which he had received as a tip from a customer.

Moments before his death, Kateregga groaned in excruciating pain on the blood-soaked floor of the popular urban bar.

While Jolly Tumuhirwe, the maid caught in a video apparently showing her beating up a toddler, is in jail on charges of “attempted murder,” Kananura is out on bail.

Kananura posted on his Facebook that his “good day” was being “disturbed” by the video of the maid brutalizing a kid before advising “please speak to your workers/maids as this is unacceptable….”

Desh Kananura's post on Facebook

Desh Kananura’s post on Facebook

Several people reacted angrily at Kananura, accusing him of torturing and killing Kateregga.

“Desh Kananura tortured and killed his employee over 30k. Is also here questioning the maid. Are they any different?” wondered a handler of Facts 256.

“Yes the maid tortured the baby but Kananura tortured and killed an employee over 30k. Kananura get over yourself brother, you aren’t any different, it’s just the same stuff, different toilet.”

The handler added: “You think we have forgotten? It was in October 2012 when you murdered an innocent, who was working to look after his old mum. Just one of those incidents where a saucepan calls a kettle black.”

Maureen T Mary commented: “Indeed he should rot in hell. He shouldn’t appear in public because of his bloody hands.”
The Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda has applauded the level of trust, viagra cooperation and brotherhood that exist between France, Germany and Uganda.

He said the Government and people of Uganda feel proud to sustain the special relationship embodied in the Franco-German friendship which started in 1963 after a long period of bilateral conflict.

“We should learn to outgrow conflicts like German and France and build mutually beneficial relationships,” Rugunda said referring to East African States.

The Premier made the remarks at the inauguration of the new premises of Alliance Française de Kampala and Ugandan-German Cultural Society at Bukoto Street in Kamwokya on Tuesday.

Rugunda said cultural development plays an important role in the shaping of a nation, adding that through cultural development, Uganda is able to protect her roots and design her destiny.

“We need to adopt the new changes in modernization but without compromising our cultures because culture is the fabric of our heritage,” the Premier said.

Rugunda said Germany and France remain great allies with Uganda in political, economic and cultural development. He encouraged Ugandans to learn more than two international languages to enhance their chances when competing for international jobs.

The Ambassador of France to Uganda, Sophie Makame said the co-location will strengthen the relationship between Germany and France.

She encouraged Ugandans to learn French because it could unlock a lot of opportunities besides being the second working language for international organizations.

The German Ambassador to Uganda, Dr. Peter Blomeyer said the cultural dimension gives flavour to the bilateral relations between Uganda and Germany.

He also encouraged Ugandans to learn both languages and cultures strengthen the cooperation between Uganda, German and France.

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