President Museveni Attacks RDC, Media Over Opposition Lies

President Yoweri is in the Teso region to drum support of amendment of the Land law

President Yoweri Museveni has attacked Residence District Commissioners and Media houses for failure to stop what he called opposition lies on government programs.

While repeatedly terming Opposition as useless people, President Museveni said the country is currently suffering because of their misguidance.

“It’s really a pity that RDCs are not doing their part to explain the government programs,” Museveni said, while also accusing the office of Presidency and the National Resistance Movement Secretariat for failure to find solutions to curb the opposition lies.

“The office that controls the RDCs and the NRM Secretariat don’t rhyme; that’s why people have been misguided and it’s very dangerous,” Museveni added.

“When AIDS started, some people told you it was witchcraft but we refused and told people it was a disease. Misguidance is like saying AIDS is caused by witchcraft.”

Museveni slammed the opposition in Teso region and singled out former FDC Secretary General Alice Alaso, who she accused of spreading lies on government’s Karamojong disarmament program.

“Alaso told me not to disarm the Karamojongs not until the Turkana of Kenya, Toposa, Boran’s and Somalis are disarmed. I think it’s not my responsibility to disarm those groups,” He said, adding that, opposition has contributed nothing to help facilitate the process but only misguiding the people.

Museveni compared the opposition to a farmer who wants to reap from where he didn’t sow.

“The NRM does the planting, weeding, chasing birds but opposition only comes to harvest.”

He was also angry at the media houses which let the opposition “channel their lies” through them; and added that he would use his bush war tactics to fight back.

When they were in the bush, Museveni noted, they did not have guns, but used to grab them from government. As such he said, he was also going to use the Media to push back on the opposition lies.

“They said I want to grab land; let them point out two acres of land I have grabbed,” he charged.

Museveni made the angry remarks while speaking during the thanksgiving ceremony of the NRM legislators Patrick Okabe and Hellen Adoa in Serere District on Sunday evening.

Mike Mukula the Eastern NRM Vice chairperson, commended President Museveni for discouraging the Karamojongs from the gun culture and urged locals not to take the current peace achieved for granted.

“The President has never even had a holiday from the time he took power because he wants peace in the country, so let’s utilize the peace”, Mukula said.

Hellen Adoa the Serere Woman Mp however, asked President Museveni not to amend Article 26 of the constitution saying the land is the only thing the people of Teso are left with.

She said, as a mother she won’t feel pleased if the bill is passed.

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