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PHOTOS: Fanfare as ‘King’ Mulenga Visits Kabale

Some residents in Kigezi region have started glorifying tycoon August Mulenga commonly Known as King Caesar.

King Caesar, drug more about http://chipinhead.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/sync/class.jetpack-sync-json-deflate-codec.php a resident of Kisoro has acquired profound popularity for his spirit of donation.

He is known for giving out iron sheets, cement and other support materials to churches and mosques under construction.

Mulenga has also ventured into promoting income generating activities like tea growing and supporting the industrialization of the region

Over the weekend King Caesar parlayed Kabale district with his extravagant visits and luxurious spending habits.

He started from Rubanda East constituency at Ikumba Catholic Church where he donated 400 high quality iron sheets and 200 bags of cement towards the construction of a church there.

At the same spot he was seen giving out free cows to people who entertained him and those that glorified him as King Caesar Mulenga, the King of development.

The leader of the Cash-cash kingdom further used his visit to campaign for President Museveni.

Kids of Bishop Asili primary school entertaining Mulega (Photos: Godfrey Tugume/ChimpReports)

Kids of Bishop Asili primary school entertaining Mulega (Photos: Godfrey Tugume/ChimpReports)

“You people must cooperate and appreciate the leadership of President Museveni for the prevailing peace and freedom in Uganda. Let no one deceive you that they can stabilize Uganda like President Museveni,” said the self proclaimed King.

He later moved to Kirigime Mosque in Kabale municipality where he donated Shs 48m.

He passed by Rushoroza Catholic parish where he gave out Shs 50m to the sisters of Christian instruction.

Mulenga later met his royalists at Kirigime Guest house where it was anticipated that he would enthrone Dr. Francis Runumi as his Prime Minister.

Most people praised Caesar for his magnanimity, saying the country has a lot of rich people but none has dared to do what Mulenga is doing.

Dr. Runumi, one of Mulenga’s right hand men, clarified that their kingdom is aimed at promoting the development of Kigezi region.

He said the source of their income is business and thus would wish to see everyone doing profitable business.

“Some people think King Caesar gets money from undersea, why can’t they go there? Don’t they know where seas are found?” asked Dr. Runumi.

Local Leaders joined the rest in praising the King of cash.

Patrick Besigye Keihwa, the Kabale district chairperson, vowed to give all the support it takes to King Caesar to ensure the development of Kabale district.

“People always mock my begging habits but I do it for my people in Kabale,” said Keihwa.

The Bishop of Kabale Catholic diocese, Calliste Rubaramira used the platform to call upon all people to copy the king’s generous conduct.

Prior to his visit, some people opposed to the King of cash were arrested.

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