Parliament to Probe Gen. Pecos Kutesa over Cattle Theft

The UPDF Chief of Doctrines, troche http://cbpa.com/wp-admin/includes/misc.php Maj. Gen. Pecos Kutesa is under intense pressure for “carelessly” making a statement on the floor of Parliament concerning the 1980s stealing of cattle from North and Eastern Uganda.

The bush war veteran got in trouble on Thursday during the debate on the official response of the Leader of Opposition in Parliament to President Yoweri Museveni’s State of the Nation Address.

Erute South County Member of Parliament, prescription Jonathan Odur had commented on the floor that the President has never answered to the people of Lango, dosage Teso, Acholi and Karamoja who lost their cows in the late 1980s.

A seemingly keyed-up Gen. Kutesa jumped to the next microphone to give information to the legislator whom he felt was ignorant about the events of the 1980’s. Mr. Odur gave the opportunity to the war old-timer to school the house on what transpired 3 decades ago.

Kutesa who commanded various National Resistance Army offensive and defensive missions told Parliament that he was in Teso and indeed saw the ransacking of the sub region by the non-NRA combatants.

“I had gone to Teso with a plane for a different mission. I saw the people who took cows but they were not our soldiers,” Gen. Kutesa said.

Kutesa’s remark triggered angry reactions from the MPs from the north and east who rushed to ut aside the diplomacy and handle the military officer who is also an MP representing the army.

The first legislator to face Gen. Kutesa was Dokolo North’s Felix OkotOgong who said the former was an irresponsible officer since he saw acts of criminality taking place and he didn’t act.

“It is very absurd that an army officer and senior one can see wrongs being committed and he just decided to look on,” Okot said.

According to Okot it was the responsibility of the government to protect the citizens and their property and Kutesa’s inaction was unfortunate.

Okot asked the Speaker to make sure Kutesa is handled at another level and indeed it was decided.

Kadaga immediately ordered the Committee of Defense and Internal Affairs to investigate Gen Kutesa based on his statement.

“The Defense and Internal Affairs Committee of Parliament should take the matter up and report to the house,” the Speaker ordered.

The Agago woman MP, AkelloFranka told the house that she is ready to offer herself as witness in the Committee sitting to investigate the matter.

When contacted on phone on Friday morning, Defense and Internal Affairs Committee Chairperson, Judith Nabakoba told ChimpReports that they are ready to start the work on Kutesa next week.

MPs have prosecution immunity while within the precincts of Parliament but the Committee can recommend to the Speaker for action to be taken against any member including suspension.

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