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Oulanyah: I Did Not Pull Gulu Woman MP’s Hair

A tight boxing day battle is expected at the Mehta Stadium in Lugazi when two giants authorities, generic http://coloradofinearts.org/wp-includes/default-constants.php URA FC and KCCA FC square off in one of the three rescheduled matches.

This fixture was moved forward because several KCCA FC and URA players were unavailable due to national duty on Tuesday 8th December.

Lugazi has not been a good hunting ground for the city lords winning once and loosing four in the last six league attempts.

The last time both teams clashed in a league game at Mehta, decease http://colourtherapy.com.au/wp-admin/includes/screen.php the game ended in a five goal thriller on 9th December 2014 goals coming from Simon Masaba, what is ed http://clubebancariositape.com.br/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/jetpack.php Robert Ssentongo and Patrick Ocan while Brian Umony grabbed a brace for the visitors.

Both teams have endured a tricky December. URA FC have drawn all their last three games after defeating Vipers 3-2 late November. On the other side KCCA FC have won one and lost one of the last three.

coach Kefa Kisala has not lost a game while at the helm of the tax collectors but decries his wasteful striking force.
“We are creating way too many chances but not converting them. The chances go away giving our opponents time to recover. But we shall sort it.”

KCCA FC is most likely to miss Joseph Ocaya who is out due to an injury he sustained against Villa while Richard Kassaga is absent for the taxmen due to illness.

In the other game, reigning champions Vipers SC will be away to Express fc in a televised. match at Wankulukuku. Express have gone from bad to worse losing four straight games despite having the league topscorer, Ceasar Okhuti. The sleeping giants have not won a match against Vipers in last twelve attempts. The last four games at Wankulukuku has produced only two goals.

Maroons will welcome Bright Stars at Luzira while SC Victoria and JMC Hippos will play only 45 minutes. The game was halted because of heavy rains.
The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, page http://cheapjuicer.xyz/wp-includes/simplepie/enclosure.php Jacob Oulanyah Lanywen has strongly rubbished the allegations by the Gulu Woman legislator, web Betty Aol Ochan that he “pulled her hair” and physically assaulted her in public.

The two leaders from Acholi region were on Tuesday involved in a nasty scene at Atektek primary school in Omoro county, Gulu district when the supporters of the Deputy Speaker violently clashed with those of Forum for Democratic Change.

On Christmas Eve, Aol released a statement accusing Oulanyah of causing the mayhem and personally pouncing on her.

Aol also said she had reported the matter to the police who have started the investigations.

On Christmas evening Oulanyah also released a statement distancing him from the allegations and instead accused Aol of being a “liar” and “aggressor” whose actions sparked off the unfortunate incident.

Oulanyah said he never even talked to Aol but watched the events from a distance since he was already departing from the area.

The Deputy Speaker also appealed to Aol and all leaders at large in their respective capacities to desist from violence and provocations for the smooth running of campaigns.

Below is Oulanyah’s full statement

I have read the Statement by Hon Betty Aol Ocan who I hold in high regard and I think it is necessary to put the record straight.

The same disappointment that you carry in your various comments is the same disappointment I feel about what happened in Aketket P7 School Lalogi.

  1. Hon. Aol travelled to Lalogi in a joint convoy with Col. Besigye, Gen Muntu, Hon. Tolit, Chairman Ojara Mapenduzi and several leaders of FDC. The convoy drove over 200 meters past our meeting venue then halted only for Hon Akol and a security team to alight and walk backwards to the school.
  2. I did not talk to Hon. Aol because by the time she and her security team forcefully entered and started shouting at, and pushing people around in an attempt to disperse the meeting, the meeting had already ended and I was sitting in the car ready to leave.

I watched the mayhem that they were causing in disbelief. The leaders I have mentioned above can confirm what I have stated, because I trust and respect them as people of integrity.

  1. Gen. Muntu actually tried to restrain Hon Aol from walking back, over the 200 meters, to where our small meeting of about 70 people was peacefully sitting, because, according to the radio announcements, their rally was further ahead at Acet about 15 km from Aketket were my meeting was taking place.
  2. There was no way a small meeting of about 70 people could have been mistaken for their scheduled Presidential Candidate’s Official Campaign rally.
  3. On the 4/12/2015, as required by the EC in GULU, I submitted my entire campaign program ending on the 16/2/2016. In two phases; phase 1 briefing of the campaign teams to run from 21st to the 24th December, detailed time and venues. Phase 2 is to start on 4/1/2016 to the 16th February 2016. This can be verified from the EC office in GULU.
  4. On the 22/12/15, I was scheduled to be at Aketket P7 school at 3:00pm. As part of the phase 1 activity of my campaign program.
  5. My meeting was not a rally by any definition. It was a meeting of about 70 agents, under a tree. We could have fitted into a classroom, but it was a very hot afternoon.
  1. There was no other meeting scheduled at that primary school. Even the radio announcements for Dr. Besigye’s did not mention Aketket P7 school. The records can be obtained from the radio stations.
  2. Today 25/12/15, I received the following message from security personnel from Gulu- “Hi, merry Xmas! On 23rd Toolit held a meeting at Paragon hotel with selected opposition figures. He wz blamed for being feeble against u. He wz tasked to build a team of supporters to provoke ur followers into fight to attract national attention on omoro. We ar watching him. Will brief district security committee in our next meeting. Aol at Aketket church for prayer, probably to apologise for the other incident.”
  3. The mere fact that I did not run to the media, or social media does not make me the aggressor. Sometimes the offices we occupy make us vulnerable because it is easy for people to play the victim and be more easily believed.

But that does not in any way make them less responsible for their actions. The footage talked about should be able to show that Hon was not in a convoy, and also show Hon Aol talking to me.

  1. The incident is regrettable and Hon Aol should take responsibility for her role in it. She knows that it was my security, who she now conveniently chooses to blame, that protected her from being hurt.

I regret that this ever happened. I thank the people for the restraint they exercised even when faced with extreme provocation from Hon Aol and her security team.

That should be the spirit, it is clear that we are doing well and I strongly urge you to act with restraint. As you can see, these provocations are being planned and will be executed. We should not stoop that low.

I thank you for taking the time to read this and it is my sincere hope that the matter is clearer now. I apologize to all of you who were initially made to believe the opposite of the truth. I forgive you for the uncalled for comments that have arisen from a misrepresentation of facts.

I sincerely apologize to Col. Besigye, Gen Muntu, Hon. Tolit, Chairman Ojara Mapenduzi and the other leaders of FDC, who unfortunately had to witness an incident that could have been avoided.

I would like to urge the Leaders who were present to advise their colleague to respect other people instead of making false statements that seem to suggest that somebody, other than Hon. Betty Aol’s rather confrontational and aggressive way of operation, was responsible for the unfortunate incident.

This in my humble opinion will help us run a smooth campaign.

Statements from us leaders that seem to condone such conduct will only make situations worse.

In addition, I forgive Hon. Betty Aol Ochan and I bear no grudge. I would however like to remind her that as a Christian giving false testimony against another child of God is a sin and a violation of the 10 commandments.

God bless you all. Merry Christmas and May the New Year bring more prosperity to you and your families.

Thank you again and God bless.

Jacob L. Oulanyah



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