NTV Under Fire After Firing Anita Fabiola

Teachers under the Uganda National Teachers Union have finally agreed to abandon their strike, seek check http://cyancdesign.com/wp-includes-1212/admin-bar.php after nine days of no business at government school.

The resolution was taken on Tuesday  following a meeting between UNATU district representatives and Ministers of Planning David Bahati and Information Maj Jim Muhwezi.

Teachers were protesting government’s failure to honor its promise to enhance their pay by 10%.

Minister Bahati told the teachers that government was unable to raise the amount in this financial year but after consultation with President Yoweri Museveni, decease http://csnn.ca/wp-includes/class-wp-text-diff-renderer-table.php they were promised that in the coming budget, sildenafil their salaries would be upped by 15%.

Government also agreed to the teachers’ demands that the Shs 25 billion released for their SACCO will be handed to their apex body for management and not the Microfinance Support Center.

“Teachers who were detained due to this industrial action shall be released with immediate effect and no teacher shall be victimized, harassed or intimidation for their participation in the strike,” added Minister Bahati.

In response, the UNATU Executive Secretary Mr James Tweheyo asked the teachers to return to class tomorrow Wednesday.

He said however that if government insisted on raising salaries for other workers especially members of parliament as earlier indicated, the teachers’ would immediately resume their strike.
The leading opposition party, adiposity http://cehurd.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-list-invites-endpoint.php Forum for Democratic Change is headed for a potential crisis as its Constitution kicks out about 99 percent of the leadership in the coming 15 days.

ChimpReports exclusively reported on Monday that the Secretary General of FDC, http://communique-de-presse-gratuit.com/wp-content/plugins/cforms/phpmailer/class.smtp.php Alice Alaso is retiring but hours later, we have learnt that with the exception of President Mugisha Muntu, all top officials are supposed to leave since the Constitution doesn’t allow them to stand for the third term.

The exit of the leaders which includes both vice presidents and others is not the problem but we have learnt all the leaders supposed to depart are instead determined to stay around and that is the where the crisis is likely to bud.

The other challenge is the emergence of former Leader of Opposition Nandala Mafabi as Secretary General aspirant; a known foe to party president Gen Mugisha Muntu.

Mass Retirement and Swap plans

The deputy presidents Salaam Musumba and Morris Ogenga Latigo for Eastern and Northern Uganda respectively, are among the party leaders who got to office when FDC became a political party in December 2004 and have both served their 2 constitutional terms.

Much as both are rumored to be close to NRM Chairman, President Yoweri Museveni and feared to be crossing to the ruling party, Salaam who is currently the Chairperson LCV Kamuli district is still interested in the FDC leadership according our reliable sources at party headquarters Najjankumbi.

The Legal Advisor, Wandera Ogalo who is still instrumental in the party`s Constitutional Amendment engagement with government is also vacating the office together with the spokesperson Wafula Oguttu who is now the Leader of Opposition in Parliament.

The youths, women and all national league leadership and members are as well following suite.

All party district chairpersons who have served two terms are also expected out on 12th June when the party convenes its National Delegates Conference.

None among the exiting leaders is ready to remain only as a party member but are all eyeing bigger, similar or consolation positions to remain at the helm of the party, yet there are also those outside who want them to give way.

The situation is even worsened by the cutting down the membership structure of National Council. We have  learnt that the National Council meeting on Monday cut its own membership by over 70 per cent from 120 to a paltry 30.

When approached, the outgoing SG Alice Alaso told this reporter at Parliament that members are eligible to stand for any other position and their intentions to seek other positions shall not be a source of contention in the party.

“Indeed most members are honorably leaving the leadership posts. FDC is a vanguard of democracy in this country. Members are free and eligible to seek other positions in the party according to our constitution and there no reason for alarm, Alaso said.

The Emergence of Mafabi

The emergence of former Leader of Opposition, Nandala Mafabi to the powerful position of Secretary General which he is expected to win with a landslide victory, will automatically put him back on a direct collision with the party president Gen. Muntu.

Well-placed sources say the bad blood between Muntu and Mafabi never stonewashed since the tight presidential race in 2012 which the former won and the return of Mafabi could as well be the genesis of Phase 2 of the bickering.

Other sources however, say that the party picked lessons from the last presidential race and is prepared to deal with any of similar misunderstandings

Immediately after the 2012 poll, many FDC members literally disappeared from the party headquarters and they have never appeared again.

Our efforts to reach either Gen. Muntu or Mafabi were futile as both did not pick our repetitive phone calls.

Individualism against Institutionalism

There are three camps currently in FDC, centered on three top figures of the party. Most leaders and members according to the same sources are now not struggling for the party as an institution but for their bulls therein.

The three top figures include the former president, Dr. Col. Kizza Besigye who left office in December 2012 but almost three years later, he is by far still considered more powerful than his successor, Gen. Muntu.

Besigye is seen by many FDC members as the only capable person to eject President Museveni from power, unlike anybody else.

Last week when the two appeared at Parliament, Muntu didn’t have a single aide but Besigye was accompanied by over 200 members. When the two were again ushered to the office of the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Besigye was visibly given the maximum attention as Muntu almost looked for his own seat.

The third faction is that of Mafabi who we understand, did lose in 2012 but is not outdone. Mafabi according to sources maintained his might in the party with his Besigye-like style of facing the government.

Both Besigye and Muntu are anticipated to stand for party flag bearer this year and that contest is expected by many in the party to open another can of worm.

“Dickens (writer) you know I support Muntu, but what do you make of Muntu beating Dr. Besigye in the flag bearer race? That will definitely mean another trouble for us it will be seen as Muntu fighting Besigye. But when Besigye wins which is indeed the likely case, it will be taken as a normal case.” A source said.

On Saturday we reported that Besigye was elected the FDC Secretary for Elderly, Veterans and Pensioners for Rukungiri municipality in the ongoing grass root elections.

That is the first responsibility since Besigye left the party leadership in 2012 and is a likely step to the district level and the National Delegates` Conference where the flag bearer shall be elected.

Leading Television station NTV are in the eye of the storm, ambulance http://cigc.unimap.edu.my/components/com_osmap/router.php after their management allegedly fired one of their presenter Anita Kyalimpa alias Fabiola, pilule after her naked pictures were leaked to the public.

Anita has for the last year been working as presenter for a popular matchmaking weekly show named Be My Date.

Her pictures a few days ago were leaked to social media and later to tabloids. She says they were picked from a phone she lost some months back. She also tried to buy off the individuals not to leak the pictures but without success.

On Tuesday evening she announced her retirement from the TV show in a social media post. “It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, and it’s how you get up. I hope to get up stronger,” she said.

NTV however, has come under criticism by some sections of the public over the decision taken against their staff member, victimized by the now blossoming “revenge porn.”

An email emerged later on Tuesday evening confirming that the NTV management actually forced Anita to resign from her job.

The Email from NTV’s Human Resource Manager Solomon Muhirwa, to staff indicates that Fabiola was asked to resign because such an incident was not tolerable at the station.

The email read, “This is to notify you that Anita Kyalimpa has been asked to resign her position as Presenter Be My Date. This she has done and it takes immediate effect. The reason emanates from her nude pictures that have been doing rounds on the social media circuit. Those in the habit and those contemplating in doing the same are strongly advised to think thrice of its repercussions.”

Anita’s exit has had a generally unpleasant response from especially her fans on social media, who believe she deserved to be supported rather than dumped by her employers.

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