Muslims Pile Pressure on Gov’t Over Insecurity

Kenya is mourning the passing of renowned Citizen TV star Nancy Nyambura commonly known as Jastorina who is believed to have succumbed to meningitis, unhealthy a disease she had been battling for some time.

The talented actress was dubbed ‘Jastorina’ because of her role as the funny house help on ‘Jastorina’ a show on Citizen TV. She also starred on another Citizen TV show called ‘Mashtaka’, a courtroom comedy.

As Nyambura’s family, friends and fans were still mourning her sudden and unfortunate demise,  they were shocked by yet another loss as her (Nyambura’s) mother that had been admitted at the Kijabe Mission Hospital also passed on after learning of the daughter’s death.

According to a family friend and colleague, Nyambura’s ailing mother died of shock on hearing the news of the daughter’s demise. This double tragedy left mourners speechless and in tears as they prepared for two funerals.

Shortly after her death, Nyambura won a Kalasha Award for best performance in a comedy. The actress is survived by two young sons.

The leader of the Muslim splinter group at Kibuli Mosque, visit web Mufti Sheikh Zubair Kayongo has urged government to intensify a crackdown on increased murders in the country.

Kayongo said the return of iron-bar hitmen who are terrorising people should be dealt with firmly to restore peace and sanity.

While preaching during Eid-el-Fitri celebrations at Kibuli Mosque on Monday, erectile Kayongo decried the increasing cases of boda boda riders being killed by thugs.

“The heartless killers of our people should be arrested and brought to book. Government needs to do more to deal with this alarming situation, more about ” said Kayongo.

“We thank government for its good leadership but as leaders we have to address any issue that may arise leading to the discomfort of our subjects. All those boda boda riders are killed while serving their nation and it is the government’s constitutional role to protect every citizen. They should come up and address the issue,” charged Kayongo.

“If government can send troops to maintain peace and security in the neighbouring countries why can’t they do so here?” he wondered.

Kayongo also blasted sections of the public attributing the killings in Kyegegwa District to the Islamic religion.

“These acts were carried out by people with their own hidden motives but not in the name of Islam,” said Kayongo.

Suspects arrested in connection with the beheading of a preacher and killing of a policeman in Kyegegwa were of the Muslim faith.

Kayongo further applauded believers for the good behaviour showed during the Holy month and urged them to continue with the spirit throughout their life

“The well-off should try to give back to the needy and this way they will be rewarded in heaven.”

Muslims attending Eid-el-Fitri prayers at Kibuli Mosque

Muslims attending Eid-el-Fitri prayers at Kibuli Mosque

Museveni speaks out

Meanwhile, President Museveni has extended his sincere wishes to the Muslims in Uganda and world over, as they celebrate Eid-El-Fitri.

The President used his Facebook and Twitter accounts to pass on his message to the entire Muslim community on Monday morning.


“On the occasion of Eid El-Fitri, I wish all Muslims here in Uganda and around the world, blessed and joyful celebrations. Eid Mubarak!” said Museveni.

Earlier in the month of Ramadhan, the President hosted the Muslim community to Futari, breaking of the fast, at State House Entebbe where he congratulated them upon reaching the month of Ramadan.

He called upon Africans to wake up and establish dominion over nature, citing the holy books, the Bible and the Koran.

President Museveni and the First Lady, Mama Janet Museveni, host Muslims every year to what is now known as Annual Futari.

Michael Nteza

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