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Museveni Warns Caucus on Divisions

The Supreme Court panel of judges have adjourned up to tomorrow Tuesday the hearing of the election petition in which former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi seeks court to overturn the presidential election results.

On Monday hearing kicked off with the petitioner’s lawyers led by Muhammad Mbabazi insisting that the February 18 elections were non- compliant with the provisions of both the Presidential Elections and Electoral Commission Acts .

The lawyers said that some provisions and sections of the Acts had been done away with when declaration of result forms and tally sheets were not sent to the Electoral Commission tally centre at Namboole.

The lawyers cited evidence in form of affidavits sworn by James Okello and Duncan Mutogo who were Mbabazi’s agents at Namboole.

They claimed that EC officials did not show them tally sheets but rather results on computers.

The lawyers were however asked to clarify with court  when they told court there were to use  additional evidence as obtained from witnesses but had not yet been submitted to court for perusal.

The Electoral Commission lawyers led by Enos Tumusiime asked court not to allow evidence which they said was not on record after being submitted after the expiry of the deadline.

“It is unfair for the petitioner to continue making adjustments in their deadlines for filling affidavits, more about http://consugi.com/wp-includes/class-walker-page-dropdown.php ” Tumusiime told court.

Chief Justice Fumes

The Chief Justice asked Mbabazi lawyers to clear the air on what he termed as a ‘trial by ambush’ as they are entertained to evidence they are not privy to.

“Court rejects all affidavits filed by the petitioner after the set deadline because it creates confusion,” he said.

He adjourned the case to tomorrow for further hearing.
Electoral Commission chairman Eng. Dr.Badru Kiggundu was on Monday morning on the receiving end of a barrage of questions regarding the transparency of the recently concluded elections, viagra dosage http://creativecommons.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack-options.php from lawyers representing candidate Amama Mbabazi .

Kiggundu was tasked to explain the origin of the provisional results as he read them before the final announcement of the winner of the presidential elections at the National Tally Centre in Namboole.

In response, buy more about the EC chairman explained that the results were electronically wired from the district tally centers as signed by the district returning officers.

“Results were sent from the polling stations to sub counties and then to the district returning officer attached to the Electoral Commission .He would scan them and then wire them to the tally centre at Namboole,” Kiggundu told court.

He said that in a bid to avoid hacking of the results, they encrypted them so they could reach in an original form.

Asked whether the results before being sent to the tally were made accessible to the public and candidates’ agents, Kiggundu said though there were no large screens put in place, the results were first read out to the agents.

The EC boss almost landed himself in trouble when he revealed that he used experience from previous elections in Ghana and Kenya where he was accredited as an observer, adding that these taught him a lot of skills he applied in Uganda’s case.

Mbabazi’s lawyers had to be restrained by judges from pinning Kiggundu on whether or not Ghanaian laws were applicable to Uganda.

On whether he followed any law in transmitting information electronically from polling stations to the national tally centre, Kiggundu said, “In management of elections we have powers to do it in the best possible way and if there is need of use of technology, there is no specific law to be applied.”

Biometric Voter System

Kiggundu said this new system lived up to expectations, adding he was happy the set objectives while applying the system where achieved.

He said it helped do away with multiple voting adding that as stipulated, each voter was allocated 30 seconds and this was achieved.

Asked whether he could determine the number of Ugandans who had voted using the biometric voters system, Kiggundu however said that the system was never procured for such a purpose.

“We never looked at the possibility of releasing that information there and then because it would be expensive.”

On the voters register, Dr. Kiggundu told court that they phased out the previous one and used data from the national IDs program.

“It would be wastage of money to issue voter cards when the data is encompassed in the National IDs which are multi-purpose,” Kiggundu told court.

Tasked to explain more about the new register, Kiggundu said due to new technology, they had to get another register by getting data from the National IDs and used for developing the new register and then archiving the old one.

“We made updates to be able to capture those who had not registered for the National IDs,” Kiggundu said.
Mourners who turned up at the requiem mass of former WBS Television presenter, viagra order http://cfbtoman.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-ms-users-list-table.php Osbert Karugaba were thrown into shock as his mother divulged the circumstances under which her son breathed his last.

Grace Byarugaba told the mourners at All Saints Church in Kabale that ever since her son returned from England, abortion he had turned into a complete alcoholic.

She said that despite being wealthy with no signs of depression, Karugaba’s drinking problem had intensified so much so that he was taking spirits packed in polythene papers, sometimes without eating food.

“I have seen everyone here beating around the bush, but I will tell you the truth as a counselor and a mother,” she said. “What killed my son was alcohol. He was a complete addict.”

Grace Byarugaba, the mother of the deceased at the mass

Grace Byarugaba, the mother of the deceased at the mass

Mrs Byarugaba said that on Saturday evening as his usual routine, her son sipped on his tot packs and went to bed, only to fall sick in the night.

He was rushed to Rugarama Hospital where he was admitted for a few hours before being pronounced dead.

Initial reports showed that Karugaba was found with low sugar levels.

Osbert Karugaba passed away aged 36

Osbert Karugaba passed away aged 36

The deceased was described by many a jolly person, loving, welcoming and development minded.

At the time of his death he was constructing magnificent hotel which was to be named Lake Bunyonyi mountain resort.

The 36 year old, shot into the media limelight after graduating from Makerere University, joining WBStv as a presenter of the African Rhythm.

Douglas Byarugaba eulogises his son

Douglas Byarugaba eulogises his son

He later took on a masters course in communication before he was employed in England by the Germany based DWtv.

From England he returned home and joined private business, focusing on the tourism sector.

Kamukama is survived by a wife Anna Karugaba and two children.

His body was later laid to rest at his ancestral home in Burambira, Ndorwa East in Kabale district.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who is also the Chairman of National Resistance Movement has warned the party’s caucus members against division, ailment http://cphpost.dk/wp-admin/includes/export.php which he said is the root cause of most problems in Africa.

While opening the first retreat of the party’s 10th Parliament Caucus at National Leadership Institute Kyankwanzi on Sunday evening, look Museveni reiterated that limited cohesion between people and different institutions has greatly jeopardized the development of many countries.

Museveni explained using Matthew 23:23; “They didn’t do what they ought to have done, but they did what they ought not to have done and there is no truth in them”.

He noted, “The book of Matthew clearly tells us that there is suffering and we are still going to suffer more since we abandoned the right track.”

The president stressed that three sectarian tendencies have rooted and destroyed the hope of Africa. “When the Europeans first arrived here, (Africa) was one. The myopic and egocentric traditional chiefs betrayed us in supporting the white man in dividing our precious fraternal fiber. That was the beginning of Tribalism that is still existing and causing havoc or hampering good programs in many areas.”

“The second bottleneck is pseudo belief polarization. I go to Church only on Easter and Christmas day but some people have taken religion to another level including fighting one another. The third is looking down upon women.”

Museveni told the members of the Caucus of his party that NRM came into place to correct the three challenges.

He warned them to only stick on the responsibilities their electorates have entrusted to them and avoid anything that divides them.

“The primary principle of the NRM is to fight any kind of sectarianism. I am urging you honorable members to focus on what your people sent you for. Desist from any kind of thing that divides us a country.”


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