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Museveni: Uganda Now has Money to Meet all Her Needs

Kenya Defence Forces have repulsed an attack at a military facility in Garissa, medicine http://concernedafricascholars.org/wp-content/plugins/gravityforms/recaptchalib.php an area previously raided by Somali terrorist group, ed http://davidyoho.com/wp-content/themes/genesis/lib/functions/image.php Al Shabaab.

Kenya’s Defence Ministry said in a Tuesday statement to ChimpReports that two soldiers were shot at, link http://centerforblackbelt.org/wp-includes/functions.wp-scripts.php raising concerns about the growing levels of insecurity in the area.

“On 17 November, 2015, at around 13:00hrs, two armed men attempted to gain entry into Garissa Military Camp through the fence,” reads part of the statement.

The assailants were challenged by the prowler guard personnel to identify themselves.

In response, the statement reads, the attackers opened fire at the guards which triggered a confrontation.

The identities of the suspects are yet to be unveiled to the media.

Defence Ministry’s Public Affairs Official, D Obonyo said the guard personnel retaliated, incapacitating one individual while another assailant suspected to have been armed, fled.

“Following the incident, troops in pursuit of the fleeing attacker recovered an abandoned AK 47 rifle.  The injured assailant was arrested, handed to police and taken to hospital under police watch awaiting interrogation.”
President Museveni has said there is no need to worry as Uganda now has enough money to meet all her needs.

The president made the remarks on Tuesday afternoon while addressing supporters at a rally at Otravu primary school, try http://cleanenergybiofuels.com/wp-includes/template-loader.php Maracha County in Arua district.

“There is no more need for you to worry because Uganda now has enough money to solve whatever problems we have. I am myself not worried anymore because we can now do whatever we want, here http://ckls.org/wp-content/plugins/wp-super-cache/plugins/domain-mapping.php ” the president said.

“By the time we came to power in 1986, dosage http://chmfire.ca/scripts/rvslib/pear/html/quickform/renderer/default.php we were collecting only Shs 5bn but now we collect Shs 13, 000bn which shows the money we get in form of taxes has greatly increased.”

The President was however quick to say that  despite having enough money to tackle all the problems that Uganda has, these cannot be solved at the same time but by applying the prioritisation system of first addressing the most pressing issues.

“This prioritisation system has been successfully applied in the defence and security sector, education, roads and electricity which we identified as being so crucial and worked upon them. We can now look at other areas after seeing that the crucial areas have been tackled.”

The president said most areas including West Nile now have tarmac roads, citing the road from Kampala to Olaba and the many schools and health centers that Maracha constituency enjoys courtesy of application of the prioritisation policy by the NRM government.

“The NRM government had a lot of debts from you but we have now paid all of them. You had a problem of electricity but we solved it. Your area has 9 health centre IIIs and a number of schools which is good and is a sign of development.”

Development Turned into Wealth

The President however said having development in the area should as well be reflected in the pockets of the locals, adding that something needs to be done about it.

“It makes me sick seeing a lot of development in the area but at the same time poverty troubling your homesteads. It is bad when you come for a rally like this but going back home and you find poverty still waiting for you.”

He added: “You need to drop the traditional agriculture because it can’t solve poverty and adopt modern agriculture.”

The president who later addressed other rallies in Terego East, Maracha County East and Koboko County North said through operation wealth creation, government would ensure improvement in the incomes of the people.

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