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MUGUMYA SAGA: Opposition Brace for Protest March





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Opposition activists will Tuesday march to the DRC Embassy in Kampala to petition Kinshasa to release Col Kizza Besigye’s aide, try http://datedgear.com/wp-content/plugins/fusion-builder/shortcodes/fusion-faq.php Sam Mugumya who was recently arrested in Eastern Congo, http://corcoranproductions.com/wp-admin/includes/misc.php Chimp Corps report.

Activists for Change (A4C) member, Mathias Mpuuga last week said opposition members would today seek answers from the embassy on Mugumya’s detention.

“We shall make a visit to the DRC embassy to present a petition to them demanding for a clear explanation from their government regarding the manner this matter has been handled as part of the international citizenry and also ensure he is accorded full human rights,” said Mpuuga.

FDC has since sent out messages, urging ‘activists, youth, citizens, friends of peace, freedom fighters and friends of Sam Mugumya” to sign a petition at A4C headquarters in Nakasero at 10:00am after which they will march to the DRC Embassy.

Chimpreports understands security personnel have been deployed in Nakasero to maintain law and order.

Mpuuga further said a delegation of Uganda MPs and lawyers will this week set off for the DRC in a bid to seek for legal representation of Mugumya.

FDC’s Secretary General, Alice Alaso said Mugumya “must be produced in courts of law in less than 12 hours lest our lawyers will take firm action against the UPDF.”

Mugumya and his accomplices reportedly confessed to DRC forces that they were searching for the remnants of People’s Redemption Army (PRA) who are thought to be operating from Eastern Congo.

Army spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda expressed optimism that Mugumya would soon be brought to Uganda.

“He is still in DRC. We have a liaison office there. I hope he will be brought to Kampala soon for further management,” said Ankunda.

While Mugumya has been in and out of prison on charges related to holding ‘illegal’ opposition assemblies, this was the first time he was being accused of engaging in foreign subversive activities.

Ankunda said remnants of PRA are being supported by elements in Sweden, Denmark and other European countries.

Alaso told press in Kampala that “Mugumya is our active member. Recently we saw in the media that he was picked from a place where it is alleged he was involved in activities which we don’t know and understand as a party.”

Sources told Chimpreports that security are widening the investigation into Mugumya’s case on suspicion that eminent FDC leaders could be involved in acts aimed at destabilising the state,

The rebel PRA group’s infrastructure was degraded by UPDF military operations in the early 2000s.

Majority of the PRA fighters were either killed in DRC or arrested and charged with treason in Uganda courts.

However, others managed to escape and are thought to be operating from Eastern Congo.

On his part, Besigye said, “I am not worried myself about him because he (Mugumya) is sufficiently both in body and mind prepared for what he is going through but I want the DRC government to treat the matter with utmost caution.”

The former presidential candidate warned that President Kabila ought not to treat the issue as a one-man matter because it might have repercussions to him and the Kinshasa government.

“I hope he (Kabila) and his government as required by international law to protect Mugumya as a person persecuted and if anything happens to him as a result of actions of the Congolese officials, Ugandans will hold him accountable.”

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