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Kiir Apologises for Moyo Provocation

State Minister for Regional Cooperation on Thursday afternoon met with South Sudan President Salva Kiir to iron out the two countries’ differences especially the recent clashes at the disputed border town of Moyo.

Kiyingi was dispatched by President Museveni after clashes between Ugandans and South Sudanese in Moyo that left a trail of destruction.

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi told Parliament this week that as a result of the demonstrations in Moyo,  huts of South Sudanese (Kuku tribe) were burnt including a church.

The South Sudanese mobilised and burnt 7 huts of Ugandans with a one James Okuga, 22, being shot using bows and arrows. He was admitted at Moyo Hospital.

Kiyingi said in a brief statement that he “had the opportunity to discuss with the President some latest developments that have caused a lot of unease to Ugandans.”

These, according to the Minister, included, “the unresolved border disputes that recently caused violence in Moyo; the threat to expel “alien” workers from South Sudan including Ugandans; and the unpaid money owing to Ugandan traders and businessmen.”

South Sudanese government on this week announced that all foreign nationals occupying low-level positions in foreign-owned companies should be replaced with South Sudanese, a statement that shocked the world.

The same government in Juba has also refused to pay Uganda traders for supply of commodities to the state institutions.

Chimpreports understands that the debt is worth billions of dollars and that commercial banks where traders borrowed money to supply goods to Juba have of late been threatening to seize their properties.

Kiyingi said President Kiir “responded to all Uganda’s concerns and issued appropriate instructions to the relevant Ministries and departments to handle.”

The Minister elaborated that on October 9, “Uganda and South Sudan are to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to provide for a legal framework to set up a technical Joint Border Verification and Demarcation Committee.”

He said the “Moyo incident of 6th August 2014 was regretted by the South Sudan government.”

Mbabazi told Parliament that “South Sudan ad made deployments along Sunyu-Druani-Afoji road up to lyii Bridge in Wano Village Eria Parish Moyo s/c claiming that they are protesting their territory.”

There is going to be weekly joint security meetings to continuously review the security situation.

“Mbabazi further said thee no armed soldiers will be allowed in the contested area except for joint security patrols.”

Regarding the employment  decree, Kiir told Kiyingi that, “no Ugandan is to be expelled.”

The Minister said the decree by the Labour Minister on President Salva Kiir’s directives, has now been rescinded.

“On payments owed, the President directed the South Sudan Finance Minister to prioritise settlement of verified claims of the Ugandan grain traders,” added Kiyingi.


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