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Kibuule: Broken Down Vehicles Causing Accidents

Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda has revealed that despite his intervention to resolve the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) political gridlock, visit this http://curiousmediums.com/wp-content/themes/twentytwelve/page-templates/full-width.php councillors remain opposed to Erias Lukwago’s return to office as city mayor.

In a statement to Parliament on the KCCA budget approval vis-à-vis his engagements on the removal from office of the Lord Mayor, more about http://darioergas.org/wp-admin/includes/template.php government said the councillors who impeached Lukwago are yet to change their mind.

“The Rt. Hon. Prime Minister has gone ahead and met the Councillors of Kampala Capital City Authority on 2nd February 2015 who expressed their dissatisfaction with the reinstatement of the Hon. Erias Lukwago as Lord Mayor and demanded that their views as initiators of the removal of the Lord Mayor should be respected, doctor http://crosswordfiend.com/blog/wp-includes/random_compat/random_bytes_openssl.php ” reads part of Rugunda’s statement.

The Prime Minister further claimed he sought the legal opinion of the Attorney General “on this matter and was duly briefed that the question of the removal of the Lord Mayor was a subject of litigation and was currently before the Court of Appeal.”

He further stated that, “Since the Judiciary is an independent arm of Government, it is important that the Judiciary independently decides on matters before it to avoid undue conflict between the Executive, Parliament and the Judiciary.”

On the May 17, 2013, a written petition signed by more than one third of the KCCA Councillors, was presented to the Minister responsible for Kampala, seeking the removal of the Lord Mayor on grounds of misconduct, abuse of office and incompetence.

Presidency and KCCA Minister Frank Tumwebaze said there were sufficient grounds for constituting a tribunal to investigate the allegations.

The Minister further consulted with the Chief Justice – again pursuant to legal requirement – on the suitability of persons proposed to constitute the tribunal which would later remove Lukwago from office.

Rugunda said Lukwago fell short of challenging the constitution of the tribunal was in the High Court at Kampala vide Miscellaneous Cause No. 281 of 2013. 2.

“The law offers a remedy to a Lord Mayor removed from office by allowing them to appeal to the High Court within twenty one days after the decision is communicated to them and the High Court may confirm or revoke the decision to remove him or her and make any order that the court considers just in the matter,” said Rugunda.

“This legal recourse was not pursued by Erias Lukwago. Instead he filed completely different proceedings in the High Court seeking to quash the tribunal report and its findings and also sought a court injunction to stop the meeting convened by the Minister to discuss the Tribunal report, among others.”

A court injunction was issued on November 25, 2014 on the same day the KCCA meeting convened to discuss the Tribunal report at which meeting the Lord Mayor was removed from office by a vote of 29 to 3.

What followed thereafter were a series of court applications seeking to reinstate the Hon. Erias Lukwago to office.

The High Court in one of the applications found the Attorney General, KCCA officials, among others, in contempt of court and ordered the Hon Lukwago to return to office.

Being dissatisfied with the decision of the Court, the Attorney General and KCCA appealed the matter to the Court of Appeal which granted an interim injunction staying the implementation of the High Court orders prompting Hon Lukwago to appeal to the Supreme Court.

Ultimately, the Supreme Court ordered that the status quo should be maintained and referred the matter back to the Court of Appeal with directives for the said court to redress Hon. Lukwago’s grievances.

Rugunda explained that, “The practical effect of the court order regarding maintenance of the status quo is that any attempt to reinstate Hon. Erias Lukwago contrary to the court order would amount to contempt of court.”

He added: “The Court of Appeal has had a busy schedule and is yet to fix the matter for hearing and therefore, unless and until the Court orders otherwise, Hon. Erias Lukwago is barred from resuming the duties of Lord Mayor, Kampala Capital City Authority.”

The latest development underlines government’s determination to keep Lukwago away from office.

Observers will suggest that Lukwago is better off preparing for fresh campaigns ahead of the 2016 General elections.

Lukwago recently revealed that Rugunda hoodwinked the public that government had intentions of allowing his return to office, a claim the premier dismissed as false.

“The Prime Minister stood at the floor of Parliament and promised dialogue with the Leader of Opposition and I Okayed it, but with my own reservations considering what had happened previously. The Leader of Opposition got himself ready but nothing up to now has happened,” Lukwago noted at a press conference in February.

“We waited for December, then January and now February is soon ending but nothing has come out. I thought the Prime Minister meant what he said on the floor of Parliament but it seems they just hoodwinked the public.”

KCCA okay without Lukwago

Rugunda yesterday revealed that KCCA is “effectively being administered” in Lukwago’s absence, the “political oversight being exercised by the Councillors at KCCA and the Minister responsible for Kampala.”

He said the Auditor General, for the first time in the history of Kampala, gave an unqualified opinion confirming proper financial management and accountability of public funds by the KCCA for FY 2013/2014; and the World Bank through its Global Credit Ratings Agency has certified KCCA’s Credit Worthiness and rated it as A1.

“This makes Kampala the third city in Africa to receive such an international ranking. This shall open up the institution for multipronged avenues to source funding. The KCCA’s e-Citie revenue platform last week won a Business Excellence award for the digitization of the revenue mobilization in the city,” said Rugunda.

“This is going to act as a benchmark for local governments in the country. The KCCA and Kampala therefore needs the support, both financial and moral to continue redeeming the image of this great city.”
The Minister of State for Water and Development, order http://cybermed.edu.my/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-plugin-install-list-table.php Ronald Kibuule has highlighted the need for police to put in place heavy breakdowns (towing vehicles) on all highways in the country so as to curb the increasing accidents that are caused by broken down vehicles being left alongside roads.

This was during the launch of security preparation of Namugongo Martyrs Day celebrations by the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Gen. Kale Kayihura at Mukono High School in Mukono District through the use of Crime preventers.

Kibuule noted that it was so sad for the death of Mukono based Jobia Hotel boss, Jobia Katumba who passed on early this week due to a fatal accident when his car ran into a broken down vehicle along Mukono- Jinja highway.

“We acknowledge that police receives little funds from government and it has managed to effectively utilize them but we call for importation of heavy police towing machines and ambulances which will reduce on related deaths,” Kibuule observed.

However, the IGP remarked that police had imported several breakdown vehicles but that they were in poor mechanical condition.

On the other note, Kibuule appreciated crime preventers in Mukono district for the high level of discipline and vigilance they have exhibited and the role played in reducing crime especially child sacrifice in the area.

“I appeal to you all crime preventers as the minister for water to help me fight water theft and exorbitant sell of water to people by water vendors all over the country,” he added.

“A jerry can of water should be sold at Sh 100 but you find in some places being sold at Sh 1,500. This is extortion and whoever shall be found shall be dealt with.”

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