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Kanyamunyu Denied Bail Again

A Prisons Officer hand cuffing Kanyamunyu before taking him back to Luzira

The Kampala High Court has for the third time in a row refused to release Mathew Kanyamunyo on Bail.

Kanyamunyu, who is accused of murdering social worker Kenneth Akena, today went before to High Court Judge Yasin Nyanzi challenging the earlier grounds on which he was denied bail, among them the fear that he might interfere with the investigations.

He presented before the court what he said are four credible sureties as well has his passport and a Land title.

He also argued that although he was committed to High court for trial, there is no sign  that his case is about to be fixed for hearing having spent 195 days on remand after committal, yet the law states that any person who spends 180 days before commencement of his trial, court will release him on conditions it considers reasonable.

However, the judge still declined to release him, since he raised the same claims as he had in the previous failed bail applications.

The judge reminded Kanyamunyu that it is his right to apply for bail as many times as he wishes, but advised him that he cannot keep doing so before the same judge under similar circumstances.

In the judge’s ruling read by Rwatooro Muhendo Baker, the registrar in charge of Execution and bailiff, he pointed out that he perused through Kanyamunyu’s affidavit in support of his application and found  that the contents from page 3 to 5 were the same as in the previous application.

The other two suspects in the murder case, Cythia Munwangara and Mathew Kanyamunyu were released on bail in March.

Kanyamunyu can make a fresh bail application before another judge as he awaits his case to be fixed for hearing in the next High court’s  session.


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