Kabarole Lands Officers Implicated In Gov’t Land Grabbing

Officials from Kabarole Lands Department have been implicated in grabbing government land in the district.

On Friday afternoon the district Councilors were shocked to learn that some of the district Lands Department officers topped the list of people named in the land grabbing scandal.

During the council sitting at Kitumba headquarters on Friday, remedy case it was discovered that most of the government land in the district is being encroached on by technical staff in the lands department and influential political leaders in the district.

Joseph Mashuhuko the councilor representing Karambi sub county who doubles as  chairperson Production and natural resources department revealed that he received several complaints from the public about the top politicians grabbing the land occupied by health centers and sub counties.

He explained that if the land occupied by these facilities and forest reserves is not surveyed, sales more about the district will soon face evictions.

After a long argument, medical a committee was set up to intensively investigate those officials implicated in grabbing government land.

The committee is being chaired by Joseph Mashuhuuko the Chairperson Production committee. These were tasked to investigate and report to relevant security and government bodies within one month.

Mashuhuuko promised to co-opt IGG’s office, DISO and CID at the committee so as to handle the issue seriously.

In a similar development the district council moved a motion mandating the Chief Administrative Officer Nicholas Muroni Ochakara to drag to police Amos Mugume the former district production and marketing officer Kabarole for failing to handover the Kibiito agricultural Land title that reportedly disappeared in his office.

The motion was moved by Joseph Mashuhuuko and was seconded by Joshua Kagaba of Rutete Sub County.

CAO Ochakara says he tasked Mugume to produce the land title but fooled them that it was in the office but checked in vain.

He however revealed that once Mugume fails to hand it over; he will incur all expenses in the acquisition of another title.

Meanwhile the CAO agreed to file a case against Mugume to produce the land title forcefully.


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