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Justice Aweri Named New Inspector of Courts

Chief Justice Bart Katureebe appointed Justice Opio Aweri as the new courts inspector

Supreme Court Judge, Justice Opio Aweri has been appointed the new inspector of courts, replacing Justice Augustine  Nshimye who retired in December last year after clocking the mandatory retirement age.

Justice Aweri was appointed by Chief Justice Bart Katureebe in his communication made in letter dated 3rd August 2017.

“Justice Aweri shall be responsible for carrying out inspection of courts in line with the constitution,” the letter read.

By virtue of his office, justice Aweri will receive and investigate complaints against judicial officers.

This position was created by the Chief Justice Katureebe in his efforts to strengthen the Inspectorate of Courts by empowering it to inspect, receive complaints and investigate cases of judicial officers and judiciary officers.

Previously, the inspector of courts was a registrar, the highest ranking officer in the Inspectorate, which position however made it difficult for the officer to inspect and take action against higher ranking judicial officers.

Justice Opiyo Aweri was born in 1953. he holds a Postgraduate Diploma from Law Development Center Makerere University with a Master’s degree in Law from Makerere.

In 1982 he worked as a legal assistant in Soroti and later joined judiciary as a grade one Magistrate before he became a High court judge in 1998

In 2013 he was elevated to Court of Appeal and in 2015 he was appointed as Supreme Court judge.


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