INTERVIEW: Nigerian Ambassador Praises Ugandans’ Warmth

The family of fallen former UPDF pensions and gratuity boss, viagra 100mg http://ccalliance.org/blog/wp-includes/class-feed.php Col Albert Kareba, has described the deceased as the “epitome of the great human spirit” – one year after his departure.

Kareba, who earned overwhelming respect from all circles in the army for his honesty, hard work and humility, passed on at a hospital in Washington, United States after losing a battle with cancer.

His widow, Rose Katabarwa-Kareba eulogised his late husband on Tuesday: “Exactly one year ago today on the 11th of November we sat in your hospital room and watched you peacefully slip away. While the doctors concluded that you didn’t have much time left, against all odds, you fought in good spirit and with good cheer for another 2 years.”

RIP: Col Kareba

RIP: Col Kareba

She added: “This was the great spirit that you were, conquering all in spite of adversity, pushing through in spite of pain, hoping and believing in spite of the darkness around you and yet all the while smiling and laughing to reassure all those around you that all is well, despite the obvious cost to yourself.”

“You were truly the epitome of the great human spirit. You were truly an evolved soul. Loving father, husband and friend. For all those who have lost their battle with Cancer.”

Born in Ntungamo in the 1950s, Kareba joined Uganda National Liberation Army (UNLA) in 1979 soon after the fall of President Idi Amin before training at Tanzania’s famous military college – Munduli.

He would later join the NRA rebels in 1985 before the group seized power a year later.

Kareba served as a director at Kimaka before being transferred to the army general headquarters in Bombo.
Mama Ashanti Restaurant and bar was the place to be last Friday night for all Nigerian corporates in Uganda, prescription http://cdaink.com.br/wp-admin/includes/comment.php as Star and Maltina (nonalcoholic) drinks were being launched.

The simple and corporate launch was attended by the crème de la crème of Nigerians in Uganda with the Chief Guest being the Nigerian ambassador to Uganda, http://consugi.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-ajax-upgrader-skin.php Ambassador Cornelius O. Oluwateru.

While people made merry, http://cinselistekartirici.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/jetpack/class.jetpack-json-api-plugins-list-endpoint.php our ChimpLyf Corp was able to have an exclusive interview with the ambassador about the two new brands and the relationship between Nigeria and Uganda socially and in business. Below are the excerpts;

ChimpLyf: Being the Ambassador of Nigeria in Uganda, how do you find the people of Uganda?

Ambassador: The people of Uganda are so good and friendly. Their hospitality is so great. That is why you find people from different countries here. There are also many Nigerians here which shows how welcoming you people (Ugandans) are.

ChimpLyf: How would you describe the relationship between Uganda and Nigeria?

Ambassador: The relationship is so good both socially and in business.

ChimpLyf: What is your take on bringing Nigerian brands to Uganda?

Ambassador: It is a very good thing as it will bring the two countries together. It will strengthen our ties. For example, these two brands are so popular in Nigeria, it was a very good idea to introduce them to Ugandans and I’m so sure they will love them so much. I have been taking Star beer for a long time and it is my favourite.

ChimpLyf: Are there any Ugandan brands in Nigeria?

Ambassador: Not yet, which is surprising. All I can advise business people is to do marketing research and take their products to Nigeria because the market is guaranteed. For example, Dr. Saali is in Nigeria trying to take his products there and I am sure he will do well.

ChimpLyf: What do you advise Ugandans that want to take their brands to Nigeria?

Ambassador: I advise them to do so. All this will help keep the good relationship between Uganda and Nigeria. It will help harmonize the two countries.

Photos by, Michael Nteza

The Ambassador (L) with a friend at the function

The Ambassador (L) with a friend at the function






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