FULL LIST: Inside the Stormy NRM Youth China Trip

A total of 20 National Resistance Movement youth leaders and members are scheduled to depart the country on Thursday for Beijing, pilule http://coastcakes.co.uk/wp-admin/includes/class-theme-upgrader.php China.

The trip has polarized the whole NRM Secretariat and all the top officials are not talking to each other over the differences that arose in selecting the 20 youths.

On Wednesday ChimpReports reported the genesis of the youth trip and how the controversy started and deepened when the party Secretary General, about it http://ctabuenosaires.org.ar/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/carousel/jetpack-carousel.php Justine Kasule Lumumba and her deputy Richard Todwong bitterly disagreed on the list.

NRM officials including Chairman, information pills President Yoweri Museveni, Lumumba, Todwong, Treasurer Rose Namayanja, Deputy Treasurer Kenneth Omona, Electoral Commission Chairman Dr. Tanga Odoi and Finance Director Dr. Waswa Galiwango were given the opportunity to nominate two youths each for the said trip.

Early this week, the party officials accused each other of filling the list with their relatives, friends, personal assistants and lovers.

Some of the accusations were against Tanga Odoi who allegedly put the name of his daughter for the trip.

When contacted by ChimpReports, Tanga said he has no daughter; giving us the names and details of all his 3 sons.

The lady tagged to Tanga is Ms. Awino Esther 33, whom we established is the Executive Secretary of the NRM EC and a Jopadhola like Odoi.

Tanga however, defended his choice, telling us that even if Awino is related to him she is qualified for the trip since she works at NRM and is a youth.

“There is no crime in putting Awino on the list. She works at NRM and still a youth even if she is related to me,” Dr. Tanga said.

More than half of the list was tagged to Todwong as relatives, personal assistants, bodyguards and friends.

Todwong however denied the allegations and stressed that some names from East mainly Jopadhola, Teso and Kumi fronted by Dr. Omona, Tanga and Office of the Chairman are being unfairly given to him.

“People with the names that start with letter O are not only from the North but also from East. Other names were sent by the Deputy Treasurer, EC Chair and the office of the Chairman also nominated a
lady from Karamoja,” Todwong said.

On Wedesday evening Lumumba told ChimpReports on phone that she was surprised when she saw the list and realized that the significant majority were only from the north.

“The list did not have a national character and I had to act as the top person mandated by the party rules to do my duty.” Lumumba told this reporter.

Full List
Ghadafi Nassur 28 years Chair NRM Youth League Chairman
Ann Ruyondo 32 years former contestant for National Female youth MP
Opwonya Alfonse 40 years
Achen Chrisantha 25 years
Kyisakyamukama yiga 30 years
Onguti David 45 years allegedly bodyguard to Todwong
Komakech David 25 years allegedly relative to Todwong
Boniface Okot 24 years Todwong’s PA and allegedly a relative but we
established he comes from Dokolo district in Lango
Bwire Steven 33 years allegedly a friend to Okot
Buhaburwa Babu 39 years volunteer at NRM Secretariat Kyadondo
Otuko Augustine 30 years
Tebyasa Johnson 38 years volunteer at NRM Secretariat Kyadondo
Nungul Ismeal 35 years allegedly a friend to Todwong
Tugume John 29 years volunteer at NRM Secretariat
Kobusinge Alice 33 years allegedly Secretary to Todwong
Angolere Caroline 35 years
Awino Esther 33 years allegedly Tanga’s daughter
Kwesiga Ivan 32 years volunteer at NRM Secretariat Kyadondo
Odingo George 49 years former RDC and allegedly relative to Todwong
Kibowa Faridah 37 years and allegedly relative to Lumumba. She
replaced Rutaro whose name was removed from the list.

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