4:35 am - Thursday October 23, 2014

FDC Closes Top Offices Ahead of 2016

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FDC President, Gen. Mugisha Muntu
FDC President, Gen. Mugisha Muntu

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has embarked on a number of drastic internal reforms as the party strides toward the 2016 General Elections.

Among these, the Party Council which sat last Friday in Luweero District adopted a decision to close down several of its top offices so as to attain a leaner party administration.

The Council meeting — the first ever outside Kampala — was presided over by party president, Gen Mugisha Muntu and attracted a ‘record attendance’ according to party spokesperson Mr. John Kikonyogo.

Kikonyogo told Chimpreports on Monday, that a resolution was taken to have the number of the party National Executive Committee (NEC) members trimmed from 140 to only 83.

Most of the affected secretariats were either merged with others or dropped.

The Council also resolved to reduce the number of committee members at the village level from the current 19 to 11.

Both decisions await ratification by the next party Delegates Conference which is slated for November 23, this year in Kampala.

Kikonyogo stressed that the move to drop these positions was only meant for the effective management of the party.

“We believe in smaller numbers running government institutions and we thought we should start by practicing this ourselves,” he said.

“Bigger numbers we realized, often bring about confusion, and are a burden. We needed to start practicing using fewer people to do more work.”

Mr. Kikonyogo also dismissed assumptions that the move was informed by the party’s alleged financial constraints, noting that NEC members’ services are voluntary and totally unpaid.

At the Luweero meeting, the party council also set new standards for new party Chairperson, whose election is due next February together with other party leaders.

The new Chairman according to Kikonyogo, will have peculiar qualities, such as wide respect across the county. He/she will have to be 50 years and above, and must hold no interest in any elected office.

The Council also amended the party constitution to shift FDC’s lowest level of administration from parish to the village level.

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