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Election 2016

EXCLUSIVE: FDC Dispatches Officials to Kitgum

The Forum for Democratic Change is set to send a team of officials from the party headquarters in Najjanakumbi to Kitgum district which was rocked by violence at the start of this week.

Physical confrontation ensued at the Kitgum district FDC offices on Monday when the planned primary elections turned chaotic, look http://clockdodgers.com/wp-includes/class.wp-dependencies.php leading into tearing and burning of the party register and ballot papers

We reported yesterday that Kitgum Woman MP Beatrice Anywar was behind the fracas, order http://crmsoftwareblog.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/gplus-authorship.php which partly explained her decision to turn against her party presidential candidate Col Dr Kizza Besigye in favor of Go Forward’s Amama Mbabazi.

As other TownCouncils were celebrating when Parliament endorsed the Local Government`s motion to create 12 new municipalities, order in Kitgum it was only a disaster in the making.

Anywar and former Makerere University Guild President, Denis Onekalit Amere immediately declared intentions to represent the new Kitgum Municipality in Parliament on the FDC ticket.

To Anywar, who holds that she introduced Dr. Besigye and the opposition party to the rural district, it was political disobedience for a “young boy” to challenge her.

According to her close friends, Anywar believes Onekalit was fronted by party officials against her. The struggle between the two groups exploded on Sunday and Monday when diplomacy was discarded and muscles flexed at the party offices.

Onekalit’s group, who reportedly enjoys the support of the district leadership, accused the group of Anywar for ransacking the office and causing damage. They claim Anywar picked a bottle and almost hit it on the head of the district FDC chairperson Moi Alfred.

Anywar however told us on phone that the district party officials had connived with opponents and the party Electoral Commission team sent from Kampala to rig the elections.

The primary election was called off pending another decision to be taken from the party headquarters. ChimReports has learnt that a team of officials are heading to the hot spot tomorrow to iron out the impasse.

The FDC National Vice Chairperson for northern region, Reagan Okumu told us on phone last night that the party is keenly following the events in one of its strongholds and wants to immediately address them.

“We have acknowledged the anomalies that happened in Kitgum which is one of our stronghold districts as you know it. A team from our head office is going there on Sunday to solve the matter,” Okum revealed.

Without divulging details, Okumu added that the process was unfair to some of the candidates. According to him the holding of primary elections only came to be known over the weekend when some interested parties had not prepared.

“I think some of the district party officials were unfair to some candidates. The election itself was sort of kept secret,” Okumu added.

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