News / Sanyu Robinah Mweruka Explains Origin of Sex Video

by : Bruno Agababyona
Dr Jose Chameleone Sanyu Robinah Mweruka

Beleaguered Bukedde TV host and news anchor, viagra Sanyu Robinah Mweruka and her husband, Pascal Mweruka have finally come out to publicly air what they make of the video that recently went viral on the internet apparently featuring Robinah having sex with another man.

In an interview published by Bukedde newspaper, the Mwerukas claim that they first saw the video in 2010 weeks before their wedding.

Pascal says that when he first saw the video, it had been sent by an anonymous character who was trying to sidetrack him from marrying the love of his life, Sanyu Robinah.

Pascal, who is a radio producer, further says that the video was delivered to him under the guise of a radio advert that was to run on Buddu FM, where he was working then.

“It was devastating but after talks with my wife to-be, I realized that the video had lots of loopholes and was not authentic; so I continued with the wedding plans,” Mr. Mweruka is quoted to have said.

The Mwerukas claim that a new blackmail attack that saw the video circulated on social media like a wildfire a few days ago started with a plot to con them of shs 15 million.

They claim that over the past weeks, anonymous SMSs had been sent to them demanding that they either pay shs 15 million or see the video circulated on social media. Pascal says he declined to adhere to the demands and even reported the matter to Police.

It is however unclear why the Bukedde media group had remained tight-lipped about the matter ever since the video was released and even went ahead to reportedly suspend Sanyu, who has not been seen on any live broadcast since the attack.

It is also puzzling how Mr. Mweruka could have been perceptibly blackmailed with a video in which the purported Sanyu was donning a wedding ring yet she was not yet married by then, in 2010.