News / NTV Presenter, Kleith Kyatuhaire Nudies Go Viral

by : Bruno Agababyona
Dr Jose Chameleone SHAMED: Kleith Kyatuhaire

It has happened again. Just when we thought that our daughters and sisters had learnt a good lesson from the likes of Anita Fabiola, visit Judith Laureya and Desire Luzinda, recipe here is another shocker.

Renowned NTV presenter, Kleith Kyatuhaire is the latest victim of revenge pornography. Her nudies have been released on social media and they are spreading like an STD.

Preliminary info has it that the photos were released by an ex-lover of the beautiful TV star who has even since threatened to release their sex tape.

When ChimpLyf analytical team examined the photos, it was established that there can only be very little doubt that the person in the photos is the fashionista. Even her trademark tatoo below the wrist is visible in the photos.

However, as our policy on explicit content stipulates, we are not going to participate in disseminating the disheartening photos.