News / New Info on Chameleone-Daniella ‘Divorce’ Emerges

by : Chimp Corp
Dr Jose Chameleone Chameleone with his wife, Daniela at a function

On Wednesday, social and mainstream media was littered with stories about singer Jose Chameleone being dragged to court by his wife Daniella on claims that he batters her like a kid.

Before the day could climax however, the couple was seen making rounds together, picking kids and hanging out as though nothing happened.

Fresh information we have from reliable sources is that Daniella Atim’s lawyers, Okurut and Co. Advocates delayed to file the case, as instructed by their client.

Our highly placed, reliable source relays that Daniella wanted the case instituted at that time when she had fled their Seguku home.

“She wanted the case filed la few weeks ago, but the lawyers took long to do as instructed” the source told ChimpLyf

For starters, Daniela allegedly fell out with Chameleone when Sipapa reportedly leaked WhatsApp chats between Chameleone and another woman.

The furious Daniela, according to the source, packed up and left their marital home, in pursuit for personal peace.

She however made a comeback at that time when her husband bitterly split with promoter sipapa, in a scene where Chameleone deemed Sipapa a thug.

According to the source, much as Daniella wanted the divorce, it’s so unlikely that she will proceed with the case, as it seems the have worked out their issues.

Notwithstanding, Jose Chameleone has 15 days to file a defense to the family division of Nakawa Court.