News / Meddie Sentongo Unveils Fabiola’s Best Friend as his New Girlfriend

by : Bruno Agababyona
Dr Jose Chameleone Meddie with Agnes

Soon after former NTV presenter, order Anita Fabiola disclosed that she had broken up with city socialite, Meddie Sentongo, the latter has unveiled his latest catch, Tanzanian beauty, Agnes Masogange.

Most shocking of all is that it has been discovered that Agnes and Fabiola are former best friends and that it is Fabiola who even introduced Masogange to Sentongo.

A few days ago, Fabiola opened up in a press interview and said that she had broken up with Meddie Sentongo because of many issues among which was that he is illiterate.

Fabiola also pointed out that the two had totally varying interests, giving an example that while she was plotting to make the next big TV show, Meddie was planning the next big party.

Agnes and Fabiola have been best friends

Agnes and Fabiola have been best friends