News / Malaika Nnyazi Wins Namibia Music Awards Gig

by : Solomon Businge
Dr Jose Chameleone Malaika Nnyanzi

Shortly after joining KFM, Malaika Nnyanzi seems to be set for greater heights.

Info we have received from a reliable source has it that Malaika’s recent trip to Namibia isn’t just for leisure, but work related.

A source embedded in Haloha brand architects—the company that houses Malaika Nyanzi as an events host—told ChimpLyf that Malaika is currently covering the pre-events of the Namaibia music awards.

Dubbed “The road to NAMAs, the events are aimed at generating hype and awareness about the awards gala, slated for April 29th.

We have been informed that Malaika is in Namibia on behalf of Rockstar Television, an online entertainment Visual portal.

Actually, a source has it on good record that Malaika will be on Namibia until the awards night.

From the day she landed, Malaika has been littering her social media handles with photos of the breathtaking scenery in Namibia.