News / Jose Chameleone speaks out on Divorce with Daniela

by : Shamim Kawalha
Dr Jose Chameleone Jose Chameleone with his wife, Daniella Atim Mayanja

Singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone has laughed off reports that he and his wife Daniela Atim are getting a divorce after nine years of marriage.

For starters, Daniella Atim on April 18th filed a case at Nakawa court asking for a divorce, citing issues of violence in the family.

During a live Facebook braodcast, the singer in company of his wife and youngest kid Ama Christian said that he was shocked by the news and reports that his wife Daniela Atim was filling for a divorce on grounds of brutality.

“We are not angels and we are human, so we make mistakes but it doesn’t mean we are going for a divorce. I was reading through the papers today and I was shocked. When Daniela goes to court then she goes to court. It’ an institution that is meant to serve citizens.” He said

The singer who was headed to pick his children from Galaxy International School said that no matter what papers write they won’t separate.

“We are birds of the same feathers and birds of the same feathers flock together, we are still together whether it’s right or wrong. We are here to correct things. Family business is not public business” he added with a smile.

Thpugh Daniella didn’t seem coherent in the live broadcast, the singer still asked her to show her wedding rings and fruits of their marriage while pointing to their youngest son Ama.

In the video, he kept reechoing the fact that he is human and being “Chameleone” doesn’t take away his humanity and the possibility of any disagreement.

What remains unclear is whether Chameleone will file his defense in the fifteen days, as asked by the family court at Nakawa.