News / INTERVIEW: Reigning Miss Earth Uganda Talks Charity, Pageantry, Love and Travel

by : Solomon Businge
Dr Jose Chameleone Priscilla Achieng

Miss Earth Uganda is not a so popular pageant. Nevertheless, tadalafil organizers have strived to create awareness and educate masses about the environment through the pageant.

Pricilla Achieng, the reigning Miss Earth Uganda is a tall, strong spirited Queen who has changed lives through Miss Earth.

Our Corp sat down the queen for a one on one into her life, career, pageantry and more as presented in the excerpts below.


Briefly, who is Priscilla Achieng

I’m a 23 year old graduate from Makerere University Business School (MUBS) with Bachelors of leadership and governance. I’m also a second born of six.

Do you have any memories about the night you were crowned Miss Earth Uganda?

Yeah I do. It was shocking and exciting.

Why was it shocking? You never saw yourself winning?

I had so many competitors and they were all good. Everyone was working towards winning, But I was doing my best. 

How has been the journey from that night to date?

Oh, my God it has been like a roller-coaster. But most importantly, I have earned platforms to express my dreams and views. Miss Earth has also given me a voice to speak out.

Have you tried comparing yourself to the former Miss Earth queens?

No, No, No. I have actually Just Thought about It when you that question. We’re all different though all the previous ones are truly queens inside out.

To someone out there who doesn’t know Miss Earth, What is it all about?

Miss Earth is an Environmental pageant, ranked 3rd in the world though not so popular in Uganda. The pageant mainly focuses on mother earth and conserving the environment. It also serves to inspire young minds.  It was formed in 2008 but been active from 2015.

Achieng with Miss Seirra Leone

Achieng with Miss Seirra Leone

Soon you’ll be stepping out, what have you done in your reign as the Queen?

 I have been doing waste management from the beginning of my reign.

In sept last year, we worked with Uganda Plastics Manufacturers And Recyclers Association (UPMRA). I also went to Manila, Phillipines and on return I was engaged in school tours and sensitization.

I also traveled to Moyo, Adjumani and other districts to sensitize people about the environment.

I also went to Kenya and sealed a partnership with Miss Earth Kenya after which I did a clean-up session in Karura forest, Nairobi. I have also

Priscilla Achieng

Priscilla Achieng

What’s your hometown?

I come from Tororo

What have you done for Tororo before doing Nairobi Clean ups?

I haven’t done much. I just went for a home coming visit and sahred a small speech that I believe changed a life or two.

Don’t you think it’s wrong to go overseas when you’ve done nothing for your Home area?

We’ve done tours, we’ve created ties and I wanted a remarkable spot in Kenya that will be remembered in future


What has been the biggest challenge in your reign?

Emotional maturity I should say. You have to strike a balance, and not get offended in situations. But I’ve learnt to handle that.

Do you have any one you look up to?

Yes, my young sister who stays in Washington, she’s normally singing and changing lives in conferences, she has done a lot for the youths yet she’s so young.

Have personally touched or changed any Lives?

Yes, I have. There’s someone who wrote to me. I don’t want to say his name, coz he’s a known person.

What’s your Biggest Achievement so far as Miss Earth?

Publicity. My name now speaks. It’s magical to be known worldwide. I should say My biggest asset now is my name. The other achievement is, being a Gold medal winner in national costume at Miss Earth international.

But that wasn’t the first Gold medal for Uganda, right?

Yes, we won it in 2015 as well. So we have to work hard for this year too. We’re known for the best costume designers now. I won the gold medal on the African level.

I have also represented my country with Our flag which is made of beautiful colors and carries a lot of pride. When I won everyone wanted to see my umbrella, and everyone liked it for the colors.

Have you had any Embarrassing moments in your reign?

Like public, no! Not exactly.

Someone would wonder, Are you dating?

Am relating but am single.

Relating? What does that mean? And who are you relating with?

Really, are we doing this now? Okay, that is censored. Hahaha


What inspires you?

My own story. When I look at what I have achieved, it gives me more strength to do more things.

If someone asked you to recommend The most beautiful place in Uganda What would it be?

Fort Portal. It’s is the most beautiful place we have in Uganda. But it’s cold.

What would you advise any Young girl out there who has a dream of being a queen one day?

They shouldn’t join pageants to make a phase in life. Don’t be clappers; go into it when you want to. If you want to be a queen, you can be one. Some people think it’s a phase to tell children about. It’s a platform for being successful.

I should say Miss Earth is not so popular in Uganda, what have you done to change that?

Yes that’s true. It looks like its starting, it’s not so famous. But We’re doing tours, media presentations, among other things. We shall soon have a day in fort Portal for Earth day. We shall donate trees, dustbins and pass on information about the environment. That’s what we’re doing until I hand over.

What will you have left for Miss Earth when you step down?

The medal I won in Manila in national costume. It’s a big achievement.

I’ve also left behind a record of working hard; I think people will still work with me. I think that’s the most important thing, leaving tracks of hard work.

Achieng Shortly after the Interview. (Photo by Paul Mugume)

Achieng Shortly after the Interview. (Photo by Paul Mugume)

Have you met anyone really, really famous?

Yeah, the MC who worked at the Miss Earth international.  He’s really famous have forgotten his name. I also met Miss Angelia Ong, Miss Earth 2015, and some famous dancers, they’re Asian . Oh I also met Miss Eco Kenya 2016.

So, what next after handing over?

I have a lot of projects coming up?

Personal projects or still under Miss Earth?

With Miss Earth, queens don’t just get forgotten, they usually keep around. It’s a platform; Miss Earth also offers them good jobs. I will keep working with them. To me, Miss Eath is like a familyor a belonging.

What’s the best place you’ve been to?

The Vow, in Philippines, It’s an Island province.

 What so special about it?

It has a beach, Pearl Farm. It has the best everything; it’s like a painting on the wall. Its people are so nice maybe because most of them are transgender. They’re more lady-like. They’re very few masculine men there. They’re always smiling and emotional. I think they’re the sweetest people I have met in life.

When is the 2017 Search starting?

Scouting is already on. We’re looking for girls from18-26. We’re going to visit high schools and, universities or anyone else who is knowledgeable as long as they’re in the Age bracket. They must be Ugandans.

Priscilla Achieng after the Interview. (Photo by Paul Mugume)

Priscilla Achieng after the Interview. (Photo by Paul Mugume)

Besides the age, what else are you looking out for?

We’re looking for environmentalists; people who are tolerant, strong spirited. Not people who don’t know what they want.

Any last words or advice to the Incoming queens?

Everyone should love and follow their dreams, if you have a dream, just try pageantry.

 If you can grasp things, just give it a try. They’re ore people hidden in this city but they don’t know what they’re capable of doing.

They should come knowing what they want, and should be envisioning themselves with a crown. Be confident and you could represent the country next. Some people join pageants for prizes, but It’s not about prizes, it’s about doing what you’re supposed to do.