News / INTERVIEW: “I Tried Committing Suicide Thrice” – Gospel Singer, Holy Keane

by : Shamim Kawalha
Dr Jose Chameleone Holy Keane Amooti

As many would think that being a gospel musician means having all that you have ever wanted although some musicians tend to dodge it calling it boring, page less money due to a limited number of audience but to gospel musician Mugisa Kenneth aka holy Keane Amooti, life without gospel music would be meaningless to him.

The graduate of Makerere University is a Mutooro born and raised in Kasese district. He attended Equator Model Primary School, St. Lucia High School Namagoma for O’level and Eagles Nest for A’level before joining Makerere University for a bachelor’s in Performing Arts and Film.

Unlike most students who got tuition and upkeep from their parents, Holy Keane paid all fees for himself and also his little siblings thus cutting off the lavish lifestyle of being a university student.

“My childhood was full of frustration and grief, I never enjoyed like other kids especially after losing my grandmother in 2003 and my aunt who had adopted me after two months. I became a father to my siblings at an early age,” he says.

The singer, who joined the music industry in 2011 after his single “Jah” received a great reception from fans and made him popular met with Chimplyf’s Shamim Kawalha to discuss his life, career and future plans.

Here are the excerpts:

How did you join the music industry and why did you choose gospel music?

I began at an early age especially after growing with my grandmother who used to sell alcohol in the bar. Music was played all the time and I had picked interest in it. My friends in primary school called me Deejay Macoporol and I was hired to mime for candidate classes.

In my form 3, I began composing my own songs and later formed a group called ‘The sword’ though some of the members weren’t ambitious like I was so it broke down. I did not lose the spirit. I began listening to Jamaican music and some Ugandan music from Chameleone, Tool Man (I wonder where he went, because he had nice music), Bebe cool, Raga Dee and I loved dancehall music and I knew it was all that I needed.

In 2010 I hit studio and in 2011 I sung “Jah” that was liked by many and received a massive airplay and my journey started.

I chose Gospel Music because I believe I was created to spread the gospel. In this world you either become bad or good and there are only two kingdoms, heaven and hell so you better choose one and I choose good and heaven. The reason I choose to call myself Holy Keane. Holy means being one.

When did you get saved?

I got saved in 2003 after the death of grandmother. I was walking in Kasese town after trying to committee suicide thrice and failed, I had feared the responsibilities that come with being a father to my siblings at an early age. I found a crusade and different musicians were performing and I loved staying around. The emcee said that better musicians were coming and in the process of waiting, that was when the gospel met me. I got saved I never wanted to turn back.

Although things did not change as fast as I expected, they are now getting better by time and I found peace after that day.

Are you in a relationship?

I am single although there is someone I am seeing. And I guess in like two years I will have married her and we’ll make a family together.

What are your favorite Ugandan songs?

I am adoptive to the way people sing. The more I listen to them sing, the more I want to sing like them. However I have a few particular songs that I like.

“Deeper” By JK Shine

Sheebah’s “Nkwatako”, I love the intro of that song, it’s amazing

“Nungamya” by Brain Lubega, I love the message in the song.

“Love You Every Day” by Bebe Cool was an amazing song and its video was worth my time

I also love A Pass’s reggae songs.

Who is your best friend in the music industry?

None!. I have a lot of friends who I consider the same. I hardly believe in best friends because I know we are human and we are prone to mistakes and I wouldn’t want to get mad at someone because he didn’t deliver like I expected.

Although there are those people that are always in my circles like Coopy Bly, Levixone, JK Shine and Robinson.

My close friend is my aunt who I confide in most of the time.

Describe your sense of style in three words.

I love jeans.

What is that one thing that people mistake you for?

People think I am not really saved because of my hair and height. They take me for a “muyaye”.

One word for your fans?

More music is coming your way and I will have another concert next year.

For those out there who want to quit anything, don’t let your past detect your future. Jeremiah 29:11