How it Went Down at 2017 LaBa Arts Festival

by : Nicholas Asingwire Mzee
Dr Jose Chameleone Some of the revellers at the event (All photos by Badru Katumba

Kampala admirers of art had a delightful day on Saturday May 27th as they united for the LaBa Arts Festival at Bukoto Street, treatment Kamwokya.

Themed “Ubuntu”, drugs which means community spirit, nurse the full of fun fair attracted individuals from a wide range of cultures: whites, Asians, different Ugandan tribes to mention just a few.

The fete, now in its 11th edition, aims at giving especially visual artists a public platform, getting artists out of the usual gallery spaces to interact with their environment and audience.

Revelers started strolling in as early as mid-day at the event which was already being fired up by entertaining cultural performances and a number of other engaging activities.

Hosted by poet cum singer Ife Piankhi, the show also had performances from Bantu Clan, Saint Evo, Alex Mutaka, Afrie, Isiaha Destiny, Kikali Studios among others.

Other exhibitions that rocked at the fair included showcasing of art pieces, inspirational sessions, and the eye-catching manning of traditional music instruments.

The event climaxed with announcing the winner of the eleven collective installations, Creative Minds, who will be travelling to Chale Wote Street Art Festival in Accra in August 2017.

We have the photos:

A couple arriving

Friends playing Mweso

An acrobatic performing for the revelers

An acrobat performing at the show

Bantu Clan members performing at the eventBantu Clan members performing at the event