News / Big Eye-Don Zella Feud Takes New Twist— “He’s Not the Father”

by : Solomon Businge
Dr Jose Chameleone Big Eye and Sheila Don Zella

This week, if you have been keen enough, social media has been awash with screenshots of how singer Big Eye has been weeping over his “son” Britton.

BigEye claimed that he no longer sees his son but hopes that “One day you will come to daddy in the name of Allah”.

“I can't see you my son, but all I can wish you is a very "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to you my son, Always know that daddy loves you so much. Mountains don't meet but human beings time comes and they meet” Big Eye said.

The viral story however hasn’t lasted to see its fortnight anniversary, as Sheila Don Zella, the mother of the said child has refuted any blood connections with BigEye.

Sheila claims that BigEye has never fathered her child and should stop claiming them.

“I find it extremely hard for a Ugandan citizen (KAZO CITIZEN) claiming to be the father of my son. Well hope the birth certificate down below (sic) will help calm you’re a** down” she said.

Surprisingly however, the birth certificates she availed carry names of James Mathew Juntunen as the father of her three children.

What remains unclear however is who the biological father of the baby is.

We shall keep you posted.