News / 10 Lessons from Ivan Semwanga’s Life

by : Solomon Businge
Dr Jose Chameleone Ivan Semwanga

On Thursday 25th May 2017, troche socialite and businessman Ivan Semwaga breathed his last in a South African hospital after 12 days on the sickbed.

His death, visit this site despite being abrupt, caries a lot of message to anyone still breathing. Before he is lasid to rest, it’s prudent of us to look back and try to learn a few things from Ivan Semwanga’s Life.

  1. Breaking up doesn’t mean enmity

When Ivan and Zari, the mother of his three children, broke up, the former didn’t create any hostility or friction between them.

Instead, he tried hard to lure Zari back into his life. Despite the few instances where his friends tried to create stories, he didn’t subscribe to humiliating the mother of his children.

  1. Not everyone close to you likes you

Even before his demise, friends and family began to fight over his property. Not only did they show dire interest in his things but probably prayed that he doesn’t wake up from that coma.

Having friends is paramount, but not everyone is there for the friendship. Some are there for the benefits that come with it.

  1. Family is everything

Despite his spending habits and endless trips in and out of South Africa, Ivan never abandoned family. He occasionally checked on his sons and his brothers back at home.

He was a busy big spender, but he always valued family.

  1. Show off but plan for the future

Undeniably, he was one of the biggest spenders to ever grace the Ugandan showbiz industry. His December parties were defined by open bars, raining money and other huge surprises.

Much as he threw money around though, he saved and established many ventures Including schools in South Africa, mansions in Uganda and more others.


  1. Plan for the kids

The wars that are currently brewing between family and the mother of his children, is majorly because of one thing—he created something worth fighting for.

Even if he didn’t write a will, it’s by default in African culture that the kids inherit their dad’s property.


  1. Life is short, live it as you please

For the famous person he was, Ivan rose to fame because of his lifestyle. He would jet in tonight and hit the bar 30 minutes later.

However much he hustled, Ivan took time to spend and enjoy the fruits of his sweat. “Work hard, play hard”, that was his major precept.

  1. Love is important

From the day Zari walked out of his life, Ivan was never the same again. He became miserable and would often be seen spending but unhappy.

He valued his affection with Zari that he never ever publicly replaced her. Up to date, no other woman is known to have been his soulmate after Zari.

  1. Sharing is caring

He spent hard, he worked hard, but on top of them all, Ivan shared hard. His charity works both in South Africa and Uganda were one force to reckon with.

His last visit to Uganda also featured a charity to M-Lisadda foundation in Nsambya where he gave out money and basic needs to the less privileged kids.


  1. Persistence pays

His story to the top is one of a strong man willing to defy all odds to achieve his dreams. His trip to South Africa was turbulent enough that he was even arrested at the Zambia border.

For a weak man, this was a point to give up and go back home. But he didn’t.

On reaching South Africa, his trade was in traditional healing, something that no one ever saw coming. He kept going hard until he accumulated a fortune enough to drift and do legit business.

Had he given up in the first stages, maybe no one would ever know who the Kayunga boy Ivan is.

  1. Respect your in-laws

Even after splitting with Zari, Semwanga never turned his back on his in-laws. Zari’s little brother was his tight buddy.

Recently, it emerged that whenever he would visit Uganda, Ivan always paid a visit to his mother in law and for a meal. That was the utmost respect anyone would ever accord his in-laws.