• EALA: Lumumba Rallies MPs to Vote Opposition Candidates Ready to Work with NRM

    Mbabazi displays nomination forms before the media at EC headquarters in Kampala on August 17
    NRM's Justine Lumumba speaks to media at Parliament

    • Nixon Segawa
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    As the elections of representatives to the East African Parliament close in, the NRM Secretary General, Justine Kasule Lumumba has advised party MPs to only elect opposition members that are ready and willing to work with government.

    While congratulating NRM EALA candidates at State House in Entebbe on Wednesday, Lumumba told parliamentary caucus members to do all that it takes to ensure that all the selected 6 candidates are successfully elected during general elections to be conducted on February 28.

    “Let’s guard against our six slots by voting those we have sent. As a political party with the majority in parliament, we also have a responsibility of deciding who should be voted on the other side,” Lumumba said.

    “We shall call on you to make sure you vote people on the other side (opposition) of the house who are ready to work with NRM,” Lumumba said.

    The NRM’s  party flag bearers  Mary Mugyenyi, Yona Musinguzi, Paul Musamali , Mathias Kasamba, Rose Akol, Denis Namara and Stephen Odong were nominated by government chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa and seconded by the party secretary general Kasule Lumumba at Parliament on Thursday

    Speaking to the media on Thursday at Parliament, Lumumba told the media that the 6 slots that are given to NRM party are very less compared to their numerical strength.

    “In our case, one slot is equivalent to 52 Mps which is not the case with the opposition where one slot is equivalent to about 28 MPs,” Lumumba observed.

    “In reality we should have taken 7 slots but in the interest of the party and accommodating so many interests, we had to accept the 6 but we are also not happy.”

    So far, DP’s Fred Mukasa Mbidde, FDC’s Ingrid Turinawe and Florence Ibi, UPC’s Chris Opoka have been duly nominated since yesterday while 43 independent candidates have returned their forms.


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